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The Premier League Top 24 Ratings Are Here!

It’s that time of the year again and the official EA FC ratings are right around the corner! To tease us in the days leading up to the full release, EA Sports have teamed up with the Premier League to bring us the Top 24 cards from England's top flight. There have been some shock downgrades and also some very nice cards that look to cause issues from day 1!


#24 - Kieran Trippier - Newcastle United - 85 OVR

Trippier sneaks into the Top 24 with an 85 rated card, +1 from FIFA 23.

Won’t be one we’ll be using but with a few specials or evolutions he could be a solid addition. 


#23 - Diogo Jota - Liverpool - 85 OVR

We’re quite unsure how Jota  kept his 85 rating but we’re not complaining.

It looks to be a really tidy card to use during the opening weeks.


#22 - Declan Rice - Arsenal - 85 OVR

Rice Rice Baby. After leading West Ham to European glory it was time for Rice to move on and he headed to North London.

A very deserving upgrade with some great defensive attributes.


#21 - Jack Grealish - Manchester City - 85 OVR

A +1 for Super Jack after Manchester City’s treble winning season and a card we’re really looking forward to using.

Stick him in at CAM and the lower pace will feel irrelevant. 


#20 - Emi Martinez - Aston Villa - 85 OVR

After a World Cup Golden Glove win it’s no surprise to see Emi with an upgrade. 


#19 - Phil Foden - Manchester City - 85 OVR

No upgrade for Foden as he sticks to an 85 for FC 24. 

This really won’t matter too much, we all know how good he was last year and will be one of the first cards we go for!


#18 - Sandro Tonali - Newcastle United - 86 OVR

Tonali might just have one of the most well rounded cards we’ve seen so far.

Just the one stat under 80, and let’s be real, who will be shooting with their DM anyway.


#17 - Bukayo Saka - Arsenal - 86 OVR

Saka receives a huge +4 upgrade from FIFA 23 taking him to an 86. 

87 dribbling and 85 pace means he’ll be featuring a lot in those first few weeks. 


#16 - Andrew Robertson - Liverpool - 86 OVR

The first of two full back downgrades for Liverpool and we’re going to be honest, this is a very average card.

No stats above 82 and only 80 pace for Robertson. They’ll be plenty of similar cards that will work out cheaper.


#15 - Christopher Nkunku - Chelsea - 86 OVR

We expect Nkunku to be even more in demand next year especially with his move to the Premier League.

We’re think he’ll keep hold of his 5 star skills, making this one of the most sought after cards in those early weeks.


#14 - Trent Alexander-Arnold - Liverpool - 86 OVR

Just one stat above 80 for Trent which is obviously his passing, coming in at 90.

The pace makes this card fairly unusable but could evolutions improve that??


#13 - Heung Min Son - Tottenham Hotspur - 87 OVR

A downgrade is on the way for Sonny but he still comes ini with a very meta card.

Even with just 80 shooting we’re going to be scared coming up against him. 

#12 - Martin Odegaard - Arsenal - 87 OVR

Arsenal have one player in the Top 12 and it’s their captain, Martin Odegaard

The Norwegian is coming off the back of a 15 goal season so an 87 is very well deserved!


#11 - Bernardo Silva - Manchester City - 88 OVR

92 dribbling is all you need to know about Bernardo Silva. You won’t be able to get the ball away from him!

A great card although 70+ pace would have been nice.


#10 - Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United - 88 OVR

EA clearly don’t view Bruno as Manchester United’s best player with one more to feature in this list.

We’d have him up there at the highest on the red side of Manchester but we don’t make the ratings!


#9 - Ederson - Manchester City - 88 OVR

AfterEderson’s display late on in Manchester City’s UCL run we expected him to at least stick with an 89 rating.

Still a solid card nonetheless, 91 kicking is always nice for those quick counters.


#8 - Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool - 89 OVR

Virgil van Dijk is no longer the best centre back in the game, or at least doesn’t hold top spot on his own. 

Liverpool had a pretty shaky season so it’s easy to see why the Dutchman has received the -1.


#7 - Mohamed Salah - Liverpool - 89 OVR

We find this rating a bit unfair. It was an insane season for Salah but he’s unfortunately received a -1.

It’s still a very good card and I expect to see it in plenty of teams. 


#6 - Rodri - Manchester City - 89 OVR

Rodri may finally be getting the respect he deserves in terms of rating but we can’t get behind those stats.

59 pace and 80 passing is a bit of a joke. Let’s just hope he gets a few special cards throughout the year.


#5 - Ruben Dias - Manchester City - 89 OVR

After Manchester City completed the greatest achievement in football, it’s only fair that Ruben takes home top spot for defenders. 

89 rated for the Portuguese centre half, we just wish his pace was a tiny bit higher!


#4 - Casemiro - Manchester United - 89 OVR

Once again Casemiro will be 89 rated and brings some very solid defensive stats to the table, 88 physical and 89 defending will be tough to break down.


#3 - Alisson - Liverpool - 89 OVR

In a season which has been nothing short of disappointing for Liverpool, their biggest star has been the goalkeeper, Alisson

It’s a little unfair he didn’t receive an upgrade but looks to be a solid keeper once again.


#2 - Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City - 91 OVR

De Bruyne is not only the best midfielder in the world but has also put himself in the conversation for the best player in the world.

It’s only fair he lands himself the joint highest rated card for FC 24


#1 - Erling Haaland - Manchester City - 91 OVR

After 60 goals in all competitions it would have been a travesty if Haaland wasn’t the highest rated player in FC 24. 

Haaland was already overpowered last year, we really don’t want to face him in FC 24.

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