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Nike Mad Ready Is Coming

We’re just over a week until the EA FC launch which also means we’re just over a week until the first promo of EA FC. For the first time ever there will be an exclusive promo event for those who have pre ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game. But what is Nike Mad Ready?


What Is Nike Mad Ready?

The Nike Mad Ready is the first promo event coming to EA FC 24 and will only be available to those who play the 7 days of early access. We’ve already been given some early information regarding the promo and from what we’ve read, it’s very exciting. Nike Mad Ready is a cosmetic only EA FC Promo, meaning the cards featured will purely have an updated card design and dynamic image, no boost to stats or rating. Despite this, the Nike Mad Ready cards will come in handy for those on Early Access. There will be exclusive objectives available throughout Early Access that can only be completed by using Mad Ready cards!


When Will Nike Mad Ready Be Released?

Friday 22nd September. The first promo of the year will drop on release day! So it may be worth saving your pre-order FC Points until 6pm. As it’s been teased as a pre-order only promo we expect Nike Mad Ready to last for just one week with something else taking it’s place once the full game is available to everyone. 


Nike Mad Ready Card Design

We don’t have to wait until next week to see the card design as we’ve already seen this in the pre-order bonus. There’s no doubt as to which promo the card is for, as there is a huge Nike swoosh across both the standard and mini cards! The card designs in FIFA 23 were unbelievable and we’re already kicking off EA FC with a bang, we can’t wait to see what else they have coming for us this year! 


Who Will Get A Nike Mad Ready Card?

As the name suggests, this will be a Nike sponsored promo event meaning each card will more than likely be a Nike athlete. We’ve already had two confirmed players that will feature, Ezno Fernandez and Federico Chiesa and expect plenty more exciting cards to come to FC 24 in week 1! Only 5 players will feature in the Nike Mad Ready promo and with two already confirmed, our prediction wasn’t too difficult!

Are you excited for Nike Mad Ready?

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