Squad Analysis

FUT 23 Squad Calculator
  1. Open EA's webapp in a new tab
  2. On the left side there's a navigation bar - click on "SQUADS"
  3. Click on "ACTIVE SQUAD" (or "SQUAD MANAGMENT" for all of your squad)
  4. Click on "SHARE"
  5. Then, copy the url or just click on the pink icon
  6. Paste the URL in the input on the top of this page and click on "Start analyze"
Squad calculator will analyze your squad in deep. It will calculate player prices, before tax, after tax, lowest bins, squad graph and more. It will also parse your basic squad info per player (games, goals, assists) and will calculate and parse a lot of other information.
The squad calculator is simply reading the page which is being returned from EA and then calculating and parsing the data.
Yes, the squad calculator page DOES NOT use any credentials of yours and is not connected (logged in) to your account by any way.
No. Since it's a share URL, anyone can load it. Therefore, your account isn't sending any requests to EA's servers and it isn't connected to your account.