FUTBIN Updater is a chrome extension, which lets you help the FUTBIN community by checking player prices on FUT WebApp and send the results to FUTBIN.
When the extension is activated, the extension reads the data coming back from the FUT webapp requests. The extension is listening for the data from the search request and will send the player auction information to FUTBIN, once the lowest BIN has been found.
Yes. FUTBIN Updater extension does NOT use any credentials of yours and it does not change the way the webapp is working. The extension does NOT communicate with EA servers; it’s listening to the request and responses.
  • FUTBIN updater will improve the frequency in which player prices gets updated on FUTBIN. The FUTBIN community is big, so if many do a few updates now and then thru the extension, it will benefit the community since prices on players, squads and SBC solutions will be more "fresh".
  • Every price update gives 1 credit. Credits can (atm) be used when using Club Import or Club Analyzer, and we might add areas where credits can be used later on
Yes. For a start we only allow 300 daily player price updates per user. We might increase it later on.
Please make sure you are using updated Chrome version on Mac\Windows PC.

Now, let's get started with a quick guide...

  1. Install FUTBIN Updater extension by clicking here (Chrome only)
  2. After you've installed it open the FUTBIN Updater page and keep it opened
  3. The first time you use the extension, you will need to associate your FUTBIN account with your FUT account platform. If not opened already, open FUT WebApp and wait until it's fully loaded. At the bottom left area, click on "Settings", wait a few seconds and go back to FUTBIN updater tab. Your platform is now set!
  4. If you followed the instructions you should now see a message "Are you sure that you want to update player price right now?" Click on confirm
  5. The page will now update with the player you need to check including full instructions. Follow these instructions!
  6. That’s it, you can now help the FUTBIN community and earn credits that can be used for My Club Import and Club Analyzer
*After you installed the extension, please refresh the FUTBIN updater page and FUT WebApp