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81 - Normal
Best GK in Laliga
By EdBennett, 08-12-2021

After switching between Numbersup Ter Stegen, Courtois and Oblak for a while in my LaLiga defence, I really wasn't happy with the inconsistency in both of them. They'd save some crazy shots that most goalies wouldn't save, and then let in sitters that should always be saved- a problem that almost all goalies have in this Fifa.

I decided that there's no point spending 50k+ on keepers if they're all going to have the same faults and let in the same shots as keepers under 5k, so upon looking at his stats decided to try Alex Remiro.

From the very start I couldn't believe how good this guy is. On basic chem style, his stats look solid but not amazing, though in game he is an absolute brick wall. I'll mention that I'm not an amazing player- Division 4 in rivals and sometimes play squad battles too, but this guy has been one of my most dependable players by far.


  • Reflexes feel as good as anyone- he saves so many close range shots that should really go in- he springs about so quickly and makes some incredible saves. Despite not having the 'saves with feet' trait, this isn't an issue, as his reflexes are so fast that he can reach down to save low shots very quickly

  • Diving is fantastic; he's 6ft3 so a decent height and makes some brilliant diving saves that most goalkeepers including Ter Stegen and Courtois would always let in due to just not responding quick enough and not seeming to reach far enough, despite Courtois being 3 inches taller- strange...

  • Positioning is as good as any goalie I've used- he's always in the right position so that he can maximise his ability to reach shots.

  • Distribution is also good- not his most game-changing attribute but with 85 kicking on basic and long throw, I've never had an issue when playing the ball back to him for him to redistribute.

  • Speed- Although he's not really fast enough to use as a sweeper keeper, he's not too slow to rush out and collect loose balls in the box, so there are no problems there.

  • Handling- His weakest attribute, it's not terrible but it's not good either- a lot of the time when making diving saves, he pushes the ball back out in to play where other keepers like Ter Stegen and Oblak would catch the ball. This can be a problem if your opponent has some quick, lethal finishers nearby, since he'd then be off balance to make a save. Usually he manages to make good reflex saves after for me, but I have been caught out a few times by this.

  • Obviously due to the nature of the game, he does let in a few longshots, especially against opponents like Fekir, but every keeper does this and its just down to the nature of the game, so you can't really knock points off for this.


Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend. I wasn't initially on board with the idea of playing an 81 keeper behind 88 Pique and 85 Flashback Umtiti- I felt it would really undermine my defence but it hasn't at all. I'd definitely recommend saving money on keepers like Oblak and Ter Stegen and getting this guy, freeing up 50k or so to invest in your attack which is ultimately going to bring much more success than those keepers would.




Solid distribution

Handling- not terrible but he does push some shots back in to play that he should catch

Formation: 4321
Position: GK
Games: 37
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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