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96 - Premium Futties SBC
Nicolò the Great
By redting, 30-07-2022

Anyone who has played this FIFA and has loved Barella as much as I have would have been equally as gassed when the voting for this card dropped. If any of you have followed the reviews I've done this FIFA will know I loved his previous cards so if you're reading this I appreciate you guys but lets get into this review.

Nicolo Barella 96. The review can be left there, gonna be a waste of time justifying how good this card is when the stats say it for you. Close to being 90+ on every stat and he's 185k. Best of all, there are so many usable Serie A cards, Cordoba, Chiellini, Insigne etc. I ran the king in a RDM in 352 with cover centre and a hawk chem style. I'd recommend anchor if you're running him more defensively but lets be honest, his stats are good enough anyway.

Currently 13-1 in WL and he has not been short of amazing for me. I've ran him next to Futties Rafinha and my word is it a fun duo.

Again, I will try to justify how much of a bargain this card is and how good he really is but already with 3k likes to 57 dislikes, I think the community have justified this enough.

Pace- Mid 90 stats on bot acceleration and sprint speed. He's quick enough to keep up with players at this stage of the game and is quick enough to out pace a lot of midfielders/defenders too.

Shooting- His AI shooting has been decent. Not popped many shots with him I'll be honest but I've loved his AI attack positioning. Felt claustrophobic in a few situations on the attack and I've found this guy just chilling waiting for the ball.

Passing- Oh my. Tiki taka, long passing, drilled passing, curved passing, you name it, his passing has been solid. Enjoyed the fact he has the flair pass trait as well. It's rare I ever try them but ot's a nice feature to a card that's already fun to use.

Dribbling- One of the best dribblers I've used. The fact his in-game stats are almost all 99 says enough. Because he's small with a lean body type makes him feel so much smoother when moving with the ball as well.

Defending- Defence has been solid for him. His positioning is good but I've also noticed his AI defending/interceptions have been so good. 98 in-game so I'd hope so but his ball recovery has been so sweet. Had a few issues where a player would intercept the ball and it would roll away back to the opponent, however quick reactions and hunger to win the ball have shown on this card.

Physical- 99 stamina. That's all. Found that the hawk helped here with the strength boost just so he has more hold up in his game and a bit more aggression in trying to keep/win the ball.

5*5*- 5* weak foot with 90+ shooting and passing stats, then 5* skills with almost max dribbling and lean body type. Unreal.

High/High- Box-to-box with maxed stamina. I'll say nothing more.

Some players may argue his height but it's not been an issue for me. Tbh, I've not had it often when aerial presence is needed on this game apart from corners but I'll leave that up to you guys.

I honestly cannot fault this card. As this will be my last review of this FIFA and for my undevoted love for Barella I'll rate each stat 10/10. I've tried to find the littlest faults with this card but I've struggled to do so, therefore I do think this card is perfect.

Enjoy the rest of Futties guys x

You tell me.

Formation: 352
Position: CDM
Games: 14
GPG: 0.14
APG: 0.21
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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