What a card. This is honestly the best striker I´ve used this year. He´s quick, agile, great on the ball, absolutely clinical from inside the box and a solid passer. The only real downside is the weak foot, even though Sánchez recieved a weak foot upgrade from three star to four star, his right foot feels rather weak, If I hadn´t known it was four star I would have assumed it was worse. Although this is a small issue, it doesn´t change the fact that this card is extremely fun to play with and incredible in game.

The price of the SBC is really solid. It may seem rather expensive at first glance, especially compared to some incredible SBC´s that we´ve seen this year like TOTT Di Mária or EOAE Bale, but once you try the card in game you´ll realise that it is an absolute bargain. Although with the current prices of fodder, If you don´t have a majority of the fodder required right now, I´d highly recommend to wait after TOTY ends, as the SBC will expire in three months and with cheap fodder it´ll be an even better deal.

The two most used chem styles on this TOTY Icon Sánchez card are engine and hawk. I´ve tried both and I have to say I was a bit diappointed with engine. After a few games I changed over to hawk and never looked back, the card felt much much better on controlled than it did on explosive and he instantly became more productive and started banging two goal per game on average, which I personally consider very good. The improvement that engine provides to dribbling and passing isn´t noticable in game, he seems to be just as good on the ball with a hawk as he is with and engine, which might be a bit disappointing to you if you prefer an explosive striker over a controlled one. Although hawk does provide him with more strength, he still feels a bit weak and his stamina isn´t the best either, because of that I sometimes even have to sub him off.

TLDR: Overall, this is a great, well priced SBC, but if you don´t have enough fodder for it right now, I´d recommend waiting at least 2 weeks to complete it due to current TOTY fodder prices. The card feels excellent in game, especially with a hawk chemstyle, the only real downside is the weak foot, which feels more like three star than four star.

  • Pace, Shooting, Dribbling
  • Passing isn´t quite as good as those three, but still very solid for a ST

  • Weak foot
  • Not as much of a bargain ATM due to high fodder prices
  • Strength and Stamina are okay, but not the best
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (7/10)
Other Reviews
Hugo Sánchez
Hugo is maybe the best striker I've used this year ! The main pro of this card is his finishing he can score with his left foot and right foot easily, headers are incredible for his size and volleys are perfect. He is also very fast and will outpace most defenders whitout a doubt. His positionning and runs are on point to he is always were you expect him to be ! Dribbling is very good as well and 4* SM are a great additiion c...
Hugo Sánchez
Great value Striker
Hugo Sanchez is a must do sbc. He's going to be a starting striker right up to TOTS, his positioning is superb, You can always look for him when your playing a lofted through ball due to his 90 base ATT positioning. His base pace is decent, however I would definitely recommend a hunter, or hawk to mainly boost his pace. Shooting is very good, he will finish any shot on his stronger left foot. He does miss the occasional right...
Hugo Sánchez
Worth the money
Was looking for a new striker to add to my team and when his SBC came out thought nothing of it as was never a huge fan of his other cards however when I saw he had been given a 4* upgrade on his SM I was intrigued. Completed him with fodder I had in my club and was worth it. His shooting is phenomenal when he's hitting it with his left foot and can strike the ball well with his right too. Only issues I've found with his shoo...