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FUT 21 POTM September - Week 4

POTM September - Week 4


Yesterday saw the August POTM SBC finally hit the game, and with it a brand new shiny Sadio Mane card became available. Now of course the natural reaction is to relish this moment, jump into some investments around him or even simply play some games with the new superstar, however we have no time, as the September POTM is just around the corner.

Although the month of September isn’t quite finished, the end is near and hence a shortlist of the most likely candidates provides a realistic insight as to who could win this award. Here we will consider who’s had a standout month, who could be the front runner as it stands and ultimately who you believe deserves your investments.

All ratings within the guide are taken from whoscored.


Arsenal 3 – 0 Bournemouth
Chelsea 0 – 0 Arsenal
Arsenal 2 – 0 West Brom
Arsenal ? - ? Brighton

With ratings of 7.7, 7.7, 7.3 and clean sheets throughout the month Koscielny has been extremely solid at the back for Arsenal. While consistent across all games, the lack of goals, assists and man of the match performances however means he has everything to do going into the final game.

With ratings of 7.9, 7.3, 7.2 and clean sheets throughout the month Mustafi has been extremely solid at the back for Arsenal. While consistent across all games, the lack of goals, assists and man of the match performances however means he has everything to do going into the final game.

With ratings of 7.8, 7.6, 9.1, clean sheets throughout the month and a man of the match performance, Monreal seems to have placed himself slightly ahead of his teammates so far. With just Brighton left to play on the weekend, a big performance coupled with a goal could give him a serious shout for contention.


Everton 0 – 3 Tottenham
Tottenham 0 – 0 Swansea
West Ham 2 – 3 Tottenham
Huddersfield ? - ? Tottenham


With ratings of 9.2, 6.8, 9.0, four goals and two man of the match performances, Kane has had a fantastic month so far. Drawing a blank against Swansea and not securing the three points, looks like being the only downfall here as competition across the board is extremely high. A big performance in the final game against Huddersfield however could change everything.


Leicester 1 – 2 Chelsea
Chelsea 0 – 0 Arsenal
Stoke 0 – 4 Chelsea
Chelsea ? - ? Manchester City


With ratings of 7.3, 6.3, 9.5, four goals and a man of the match performance, it seems safe to say that Morata has hit the ground running at Chelsea. While impressive, the draw against Arsenal really sticks out, but with Manchester City as the last game of the month, a huge performance here could easily tip the scales in his favour.


With ratings of 8.4, 7.3, 7.8, one goal and a man of the match performance, Kante has once again found his form and seems to be controlling the midfield without even breaking a sweat. Sadly though, the same problem pops up again here, it’s just not enough to compete for the top spot as it stands. In order to win he will need to create something extra special in the final game.

Manchester United

Stoke 2 -2 Manchester United
Manchester United 4 – 0 Everton
Southampton 0 – 1 Manchester United
Manchester United ? - ? Crystal Palace


With ratings of 7.1, 8.3, 7.8, three goals, one assist and a man of the match performance the sensational summer purchase shows no signs of slowing down! With a goal per game and strong ratings throughout, Lukaku shows consistency but the lost points against Stoke will definitely go against him. As it stands he is playing catch up in regards to his goals scored tally, but he strives under pressure and going up against bottom of the table Crystal Palace, I wouldn’t rule him out just yet.

Manchester City

Manchester City 5 – 0 Liverpool
Watford 0 – 6 Manchester City
Manchester City 5 – 0 Crystal Palce
Chelsea ? - ? Manchester City

The Entire Defence

While they receive a mention here for clean sheets across the month, when your team is firing like these guys, it becomes almost impossible to get a look in for this month’s award! Keep in mind though, if John Stones manages to bag a hattrick that includes a 87 yard scorpion kick, we may suddenly find ourselves with a new leading man!


With ratings of 9.5, 8.4 and three goals Sterling seems to be striving under the new manager. While his performances have been solid, the fact he was left out of the first game against Liverpool and that almost his entire team have been unstoppable, leaves him with a small mountain to climb if he wants this award again.


With ratings of 8.2, 6.3, 10.0, three goals, 2 assists and a man of the match Sane is another youngster who seems to have found his place this season. While the stats suggest he is a front runner, the fact that he was a late substitution in two of the games puts him at a disadvantage. Once again, he needs to put in the performance of a lifetime against Chelsea, but most importantly he needs to start.


With ratings of 7.1, 8.7, 8.8 and 4 assists, Silva is simply doing what Silva does every season. While a fundamental part of the team and a huge factor for the dominance and results, the lack of goals for an attacking midfielder places him a little behind the pace, leaving him with a lot to do in the final game of the month.

De Bruyne

With ratings of 8.9, 8.4, 7.6, three assists and a man of the match performance, De Bruyne is once again showing why he is one of the greatest attacking midfielders in the world. We face the same concerns here that we have with Silva though, the lack of goals stands out, leaving him with a lot to do against Chelsea.


With ratings of 8.4, 8.1 and three goals from two games, it looks like Jesus has fully recovered from last season’s injury. The key concern here is game time, he has featured in only two of the three games so far, but with Aguero likely out for the Chelsea game, it’s never too late to steal the crown.


With ratings of 8.9, 10.0, 8.9, 5 goals, 3 assists and a man of the match performance, we have an extremely clear front runner going into the final weekend. With the horrific news that he was recently in a car crash, he currently looks unlikely to feature for Manchester City anytime soon. There is a good chance what he has achieved already will be enough, but with one game left anything can happen.


As you can see, we have one hell of a list of possible winners, but when we take a closer look you can quickly place a small handful well above the rest. While Aguero seems to be a long way ahead, the fact that he is probably missing the last game does give a few others a chance to take the lead. Lukaku and Kane both have a shot if they can bag themselves a few goals, while almost the whole of the Manchester City squad is within touching distance. It’s important we are following this weekend’s matches closely and are ready to pounce on our investments when the time is right.

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