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Ultimate Team Evolutions: How Do They Work?

Evolutions are the newest addition to Ultimate Team and after Moments were a bit of a disappointment last year, we’re really hoping for a lot more from Evo’s. 

What Are Evolutions?

As mentioned previously, this is a brand new mode to Ultimate Team so we’re all unsure as to how it will play out across the year, but from what we’ve seen so far, we’re very excited. Evolutions allow you to select a player and upgrade them though completing objectives. They have to fit set criteria and depending on your Evolution choice, will upgrade certain stats. 

How Do Evolutions Work?

Evolutions are an opportunity for you to upgrade your favourite players through objectives but before you submit then be sure to remember these following things!

  • You can only complete each Evolution once. As soon as you complete one full evolution this then becomes unavailable.
  • Only one Evolution can be completed at a time. As much as we love to stack objectives in FIFA 23 and make them as efficient as possible, you won’t be able to do this with Evolutions. Only one can be active at a time.  
  • Evolutions are untradable. Once you commit a player to an evolution, they become untradeable even if you’ve bought them from the transfer market.
  • Evolutions can’t be submitted into SBCs. If you’re thinking of using one of your Evolutions to bring fodder to the club then don’t, they can’t actually be used in SBCs. 

Can I Evolve An Already Evolved Player?

Yes. Providing they fit the required criteria then yes, already Evolved players can be placed into another Evolution. This means there is potential to keep upgrading the same player throughout the year to keep your favourite player in line with the power curve!

Are Evolutions Free? 

Yes and No. We expect most evolutions to be free and not come at any cost at all but there will be some that you will have to purchase for either FIFA Points or Coins. One of the Evolutions available at launch will be Relentless Winger. This will offer out a +6 upgrade to any left winger rated 79 or lower with a cap on the following stats; 91 Pace, 79 Shooting, 79 Dribbling, 82 Defending and a Maximum of 2 alternate positions! 

This Evolution will cost 1,000 FC Points or 50,000 Coins. Will you be using this?

Which Players Can Be Evolved?

Essentially any player in the game can be evolved as long as they fit a certain criteria. So don’t worry if your favourite player doesn’t fit the first set, there will be plenty throughout the year! The first Evolutions range from Bronze midfielders going all the way up to an 84 from a +15 Pace on your Centre Halves. 

What Can Be Upgraded Through Evolutions?

Pretty much everything can be upgraded via Evolutions but just not at the same time. Both face card and in-game stats will be the main focus but you can also upgrade the following:

  • Skill Moves 
  • Work Rates
  • PlayStyles
  • Alternative Positions
  • Weak Foot

Can I switch back and forth between players I want to upgrade?

You can swap back and forth between your Evolutions freely. If you are working on a Silver Player Evolution and don’t want to bring them into your Champs matches, you can switch to a more appropriate Evolution player in your main squad and work on them.

Keep an eye out across FUTBIN and our socials where we’ll be diving into evolutions even more!

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