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FUT 19 TOTS Bundesliga Predictions
TOTS Bundesliga Predictions

Starting Eleven


During these predictions, picking a goalkeeper has often proved to be somewhat of a difficult task, usually due to the lack of standout performances. With the Bundesliga however, we seem to have the complete opposite, there are a whole heap of goalkeepers who have had fantastic seasons. After much deliberation, our first spot goes to Pavlenka from Werder Bremen. With an average of 3.9 saves a game and despite Bremen being twelfth in the league only 33 goals conceeded, there is just no possible list of predictions I could imagine without this man.


As most would probably assume, we are going to be seeing a lot of Bayern Munich players feature within these predictions, so let's start the ball rolling with Kimmich at right-back. When you look at Bayern's defensive record, it becomes no surprise that they currently sit almost 20 points clear at the top. With just 20 goals conceded so far in the league Kimmich has already proved his worth, but when we also consider his goal and 9 assists, then he becomes an absolute staple here.


From one Bayern defender to another now as we move onto Mats Hummels. Now we have already spoken about just how solid Bayern were at the back and with just a single goal and assist, Hummels doesn't jump off the page as an attacking threat either, so what exactly made Hummels all that much more impressive this year? With Neuer out for basically the whole season, Bayern needed someone to stand up and take control of the back line. Hummels showed his qualities as a leader and also showed just how incredible he is as an individual too.


Schalke are having an absolutely incredible campaign so far, second in the league and well on their way to Champions League football next year. With just 43 goals scored, their goal-scoring record is far from sensational, however with just 30 goals conceded they show their strength defensively more than makes up for this. Not only has Naldo been critical to Schalke's defensive line, but he has also proven himself a threat going forward. Scoring 5 goals and assisting a further two in the league this season, Naldo storms into our starting eleven here.


Max is a player that hasn’t received nearly enough attention this season. Augsburg currently sit comfortably in the middle of the table and while they may not be pushing for league titles or European qualification quite yet, there are definitely some superstars in the making. With 37 goals scored and 36 goals conceded, Max has played a part in both the defensive and attacking duties for his side. Racking up a total of 12 assists and even a goal from his fullback position, it becomes baffling that he is yet to receive a special card, but surely TOTS will be when his hard work finally pays off.


After a difficult patch during his time at Real Madrid, and falling out of favor with new boss Zidane, James was allowed to go out on loan this year, with Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich the destination of choice. After a fairly slow start to the season, James quickly found himself playing regularly and soon became an absolute staple in Bayern's starting eleven. With 5 goals, 9 assists and 4 man of the match awards from just 18 games, he has proven all doubters wrong and is totally deserving of his spot within these predictions.


From one Bayern midfielder to another now, as we find this Chilean superstar up next on our list. Now Bayern have scored an incredible 72 goals this season and only conceded 20 and while some players contribute defensively and others are more attacking minded, you also have a utility category that fits Vidal perfectly. Whether locking down the midfield, making a crunching tackle, picking out that pinpoint pass or even slotting one home, Vidal undertakes his role with quality. His 6 goals and 2 assists only add to this marvel and while some may say his 6 yellow cards show a lack of professionalism, I simply see it as passion!


With a big money move secured for the summer, it would have been easy for Keita to simply switch off and ignore his responsibilities for Leipzig, and even though this is what many believe to have happened, his stats suggest otherwise. Leipzig currently sit in sixth, and while they fall just shy of another Champions League run for next year, the season is far from over and things can certainly change. His match ratings have been consistently solid and when we couple this with the 5 goals and 5 assists he has provided in the league, we find ourselves with a real candidate here.


As we come into the final stretch of games this year, Leverkusen have given themselves a real fighting chance of securing Champions League football next season. Sitting just three points behind third place, a solid run of matches would see them jump the competition and when they have young superstars like Bailey in their arsenal, anything becomes possible. With 9 goals and 4 assists across the season, Bailey has contributed to roughly 30% of Leverkusen's goals and if this is what he is capable of at just 20 years old, then this kid has a bright future.


Over the past couple of seasons Muller has received a lot of criticism for not quite living up to expectations, but with his transition into a central attacking midfield and success in the role, perhaps he was simply never being utilized to the best of his ability. We have spoken about Bayerns success numerous times already within this article, but with 7 goals and 9 assists alongside his constant string of top tier performances, Muller deserves all the recognition he can get.


Onto our final selection for this starting eleven and this man is somebody who is simply impossible to exclude. With rumours flying around that this could be his final year at Bayern, and that clubs such as Real Madrid are in the hunt for this Polish superstar, he has shown absolutely no signs of losing his focus and seems more driven than ever. From Bayern's 72 goals, Lewandowski has scored over 30% of them with 26 and already has the golden boot in his grasp. Whether he stays or leaves next season is irrelevant, all that matters is that we see his TOTS card on FIFA soon.




Onto the substitutes and reserves now and first up we have yet another goalkeeper who has been absolutely incredible this season. Frankfurt are having an absolutely incredible season so far, they currently sit in fifth and with a handful of games still remaining, Champions League football is not out of the equation. Hradecky has been a critical part of this success, with an average of 2.7 saves a game and with only 33 goals conceded across the season, he takes our second goalkeeper spot in these predictions.


Hannover currently sit way down the table in 13th place and despite a fairly average record this season, this man has been an absolute diamond in the rough. As a soul defender there is only so much a person can do, but the stats and figures attached to this man shows his willingness to go above and beyond. With 3 goals, 1 assist and 7 man of the match awards, Sane shows his talent and drive and hence is well deserving of his spot in these Bundesliga picks.


Next up in these predictions is the 24-year-old center-back from Gladbach, Ginter. With three informs already on FIFA, we can tell that EA like this man and when we look at his contributions to all aspects of the game, we simply have to agree. Alongside his defensive duties, Ginter manages to find room to contribute to the attack as well and with 5 goals and 2 assists in the league so far, I think we could see him with a shiny new blue card in a matter of weeks.


Hoffenheim currently sit seventh in the table, just outside the European cup spots. However, with just six points separating them and third place Dortmund, anything is possible in these final games. Players such as Kramaric have been a huge part of this incredibly strong season and with 52 goals scored, they show no signs of slowing down. Kramaric himself has scored 9 and assisted 5 of these and when we consider he has only started 16 games and made a further 12 appearances as a substitute, it becomes all that more impressive as well.


Next up we have one of two twins who play for Leverkusen, one of the Bender brothers. Lars is the man who gets the nomination this year, after having dominated the midfield for Leverkusen across the season. Defensively he has been an absolute animal, closing down plays left, right and center, while during the attack he has also contributed to a total of 5 goals, finishing 2 himself and assisting a further 3.


Next up we head over to Augsburg, another side sitting comfortably in a mid-table position and while we had two strong candidates here, Gregortisch just steals the spot from Finnbogason. As an attacking midfielder you expect a player to contribute to goals on a regular basis, and this is exactly what Gregortisch has done. With 11 goals and 2 assists, he boosts stats that would be expected of a striker and with Augsburg having scored 38 goals so far this year, he has played a part in over 30% of them.


Now this was a difficult decision, and one that I am still not completely comfortable with. Goretzka has an incredible start to the season, but when compared to others, he appears to have significantly tailed off as the year progressed. Having only started 16 games this season, with a total of just 4 goals and 2 assists, his stats alone just simply aren't enough for him to break into this line-up, however when we take into account just how popular he is and that the Bundesliga TOTS was fan voted last year, I think we may be seeing this man included.


Back to Schalke now where we find a man who has started almost every game for his side this season. Schalke have had a phenomenal season so far, currently sitting second behind Bayern and with a fantastic chance of Champions League football next season. With a total of 45 goals scored to date, Caligiuri has been a fundamental part of this success, playing a part of roughly 25% of these with 5 goals, 6 assists and an incredible average match rating across the season.


Hoffenheim have had a fairly successful season to date, currently sitting in seventh place and within a chance of European football next year. With 53 goals scored in their campaign so far, Hoffenheim as a unit have been incredible in front of goal and when you consider that Uth has played a vital role in 18 of these goals, you realise just how incredible he has been this season. With a total of 12 goals and 6 assists, he creeps into these predictions.


We breifly touched on Hannover's season earlier in these predictions and while they may not have had an incredible season as a unit, some players have been nothing short of sensational. Fullkrug falls into this category, with 11 goals and 2 assists he proves that a top striker will continue to strive and find the back of the net, even if the team is struggling.


Leipzig were always going to struggle when attempting to compete with last year's majestic performance, especially after losing some of their key players. Having said this, they have gone out and put up one hell of a fight, currently sitting 6th in the league and within touching distance of yet another Champions League run. Werner was once again a critical part of this setup, providing 11 goals and 5 assists throughout the campaign.


Our final nomination for the Bundesliga falls on a 29 year old, German striker named Petersen. Now Freiburg aren't far from the relegation zone, sitting on just 30 points, with a total of 48 goals conceded. Their attacking record is even less impressive with just 26 goals scored, however when you consider that Petersen played a part in over 50% of them, you realize just how important he was. With 13 goals and an assist, Petersen was a shining light and has hopefully helped his side remain in the top tier of German football.


Honorable mentions

Casteels (Wolfsburg)

Ulreich (Bayern)

Finnbogason (Augsburg)

Hazard (Gladbach)

Orban (Leipzig)

Coman (Bayern)

Gnabry (Hoffenheim)

Upamecano (Leipzig)

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