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FC 24 TOTY Legendary Comeback Evolution

Another Icon Evolution has just dropped in FC 24, this time called the TOTY Legendary Comeback and we’re here to run through the best (and only) option for this 200,000 coin Evolution. We’d usually do a Top 5 but there are actually only 7 cards that fit, so didn’t want to leave just 2 out!

Franco Baresi - Italy 

Baresi is the highest rated option you can choose, as you take his 91 base up to a 94. Based on the stats, you’d presume this would be a really good option and looks too good to be evolved but the height is the main issue. 5ft9, that’s not great when he’ll be challenging Renard, Blanc and VVD on corners. 

Gennaro Gattuso - Italy

The second of 3 Italians is former AC Milan man, Gennaro Gattuso. Let’s be real no one has ever been happy about packing Gatusso from their Icon packs/picks but is this about to change with this Evo? No, absolutely not. This card is not worth 200,000 coins, if you want an upgraded version just buy his Centurions, it’s 50k.

Bobby Moore - England

The man who brought football home, but will he bring 11 Champs wins for you? Probably not, once again it’s a decent enough card but not worth the coins. You’re better off completing his Winter Wildcards SBC

Carles Puyol - Spain

We seem to be running into the same problem with all of these cards, they’re a nice upgrade on their base but can’t justify the coins being spent. If you’re a Barca fan, it's great to have a quicker Puyol, but aside from that I can’t see the appeal.

Roy Keane - Republic of Ireland 

Once again, just complete his Winter Wildcards SBC, it’s not only a much better card but also cheaper. It’s definitely not the worst card on this list, but it’s nothing special and there are much, much better cards for 200,000 coins.

Fernando Hierro - Spain

Feel like I’m starting to repeat myself here, but once again Hierro has a better card for the same price and that card will be tradeable. His Winter Wildcards has 99 Defending! That more than makes up for the 4 pace difference. 

Alessandro Nesta - Italy

Nesta is probably the only good option out of this Evo, at least he’s the only one to crack the 80 Pace barrier but at this stage in the game, is that even good enough? 

Let us know if you’ll be completing this Evolution, but if I were you I’d spend the coins/FP Points elsewhere. 

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