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How To Complete League SBC’s For A Profit!


Right then fellow FUTBIN readers! Last week we created a new account, and within a single week (and minimal actual trading), we have managed to achieve the following:

SBC Quaresma (Super Lig)
SBC Gignac (Liga Bancomer MX)
SBC Casillas (Liga Nos)
SBC Promes (Russian League)
SBC Younes (Eredivisie)
SBC Moore (Championship)
SBC Cavani (Ligue 1)
SBC Al Soma (Dawry Jameel)
SBC Hamsik (Serie A)
SBC Giovinco (MLS)
SBC Thiago (Bundesliga)
SBC Cristiano (J League)
SBC Teodorczyk (Pro League)

Then we have done a chunk of the other big leagues too:

SBC De Bruyne (PL - 14/20)
SBC Griezmann (La Liga - 16/20)

Personally I found the four newer leagues were tough to complete for a break-even due to them being inflated still (PL/La Liga/Pro League/A-League), although as you can see we can do a large chunk of some comfortably. Also the Championship due to the sheer volume of teams is one you want to complete nearer the end.

Now before we jump into things, I want to clarify a few points to reassure people on how easy this is and just what exactly it involves.

  • No FIFA Points were spent.
  • The account was completely fresh, we had 0 coins to start with.
  • I found somebody to gift me the extra spots for transfer list/targets, this massively helped.
  • We packed one inform worth 30k and then nothing else that exceeded 15k (from what I remember).
  • On top of all of these League’s being completed, we also generated over 300,000 coins with awful pack-luck.

Ok, I think that summarises everything that needed clearing up, now onto the method, logic and reasoning behind everything.


The Logic Behind Everything

A lot of the community look at things on an individual basis, for example “X SBC costs Y amount and is impossible to profit”. While in a isolated scenario this may be correct, when you look at the bigger picture it all makes sense.

When you buy a house, very few people can afford to pay for this up-front. In order to make this manageable, payments are broken down into monthly chunks, known as a mortgage. This makes obtaining this high end premium item a reality rather than a pipe dream.

This exact logic is applied to these challenges, while an SBC that is mainly Silver players with lower rewards is unlikely to turn a profit individually, if you consider each of those packs an investment for each of the other League SBC’s (due to the players from these you will inevitably pack), then it all becomes a lot more manageable.

Look at things from an overall perspective, instead of a single SBC to SBC basis.


Starting Off

If you read nothing else in this guide, please read this and remember it. EVERYTHING SELLS!!! Whether it’s a Gold player that sells for 400 instead of discarding for 300, or a player fitness card, by discarding these you are effectively throwing away coins. Check FUTBIN for gold player prices and simply compare prices for bronze and silver, but please don’t discard items as you will just be burning coins!!!

So we obviously created a completely fresh account and with 0 coins available, we immediately jumped into some games to generate that initial boost. We played 4 seasons games, winning them all and hence collecting the division 10 title reward.

The coins from the matches, alongside those from winning the title were enough for us to jump into some BPM (Bronze Pack Method). 

Some teams are stupidly expensive and a bunch of coins can be saved by simply gaining loyalty on the players to fix Chemistry and allow for more out of position players. This is key and the dashboard method (starting a game vs AI and leaving) will make this quick, while contracts saved from BPM will ensure each player has 10 game contracts.


BPM – Bronze Pack Method

Now I cannot stress enough how important it is to rinse these packs. Yes it may be dull, yes it may be boring, but this builds the foundation of everything moving forward. We opened, at an estimate around 500-1000 of these packs, selling any consumables or players that aren’t featured in a league sbc and saving any duplicates.

It is extremely important you keep any player that features in a League SBC as this will massively reduce costs down the line.

If you find yourself making a loss while completing this, then don’t stress about it. We made an overall initial loss from these packs, without a doubt, however the players we saved covered this and some down the line.


Upgrade SBC’s

When I started off this account, the intention was to use the theory that you could open bronze packs, sell anything of value, and use the bronze players for the silver upgrade, then the silver players for the gold upgrade and then ultimately have a chunk of players at your disposal to complete the 82-85 SBC and ultimately the Icon SBC.

While this remains possible (if they re-release it), the grind simply proved to be far too time consuming, with a ridiculous amount of bronze packs needing to be opened. This is why we added our own spin on things, we still completed these upgrade challenges, however the players we received were going to be used for the League SBC’s if possible, with the rest going into the gold upgrade with the same logic.

Now while each individual SBC is unlikely to provide a player that you desperately need or that is extremely expensive, along the journey you will save thousands of coins from packing the odd player that will do exactly this.

BPM -> Keep League SBC Players -> recycle others in upgrade SBC


Profitable SBC’s

Right, now this is extremely important, this is where we can generate a whole heap of coins that will in turn provide us with the funds needed to complete the leagues.

By Profitable Challenges, we are mainly talking about the advanced SBC’s or individual challenges within the League’s that provide what would be considered a strong pack.

The logic behind this, is that we will be mainly submitting gold players, players that we will usually not be obtaining via other methods, while the packs provide both potential (in regards to packing somebody worth a chunk of coins) and also future potential (in regards to packing players that can be used to complete other League SBC’s).

Remember to keep any player from a league/challenge you are yet to complete!

This list: Profitable SBC List is currently slightly out-dated, with a few of these challenges having risen in price and a whole heap of challenges missing. I will look to update this shortly, however for now this should provide a strong foundation for you to begin with.


Creating A Shortlist Of Expensive Players

This was something that we didn’t do until around half way through the grind, however had we done this earlier, we could have saved even more coins.

Each league seems to have one, maybe two, incredibly inflated and expensive teams. This is usually down to a couple of positions being near extinct on the market, or just really expensive.

Completing a shortlist of these players, either through transfer targets or via a squad where you can monitor the concept players, allows you to simply return to this at intervals and search the market for either a card listed on bid or one listed under current market value. This proved extremely helpful and saved us a large chunk of coins in the process.


Finishing SBC’s

Soon enough you will find that you have completed the challenges that would be deemed as “profitable” and hence you will be ready to use these coins, alongside all the players you have packed in order to start completing some leagues.

Now the best starting point is always going to be the league that you have obtained the most players for. You are immediately less likely to pack a player you need in this league when compared to others (as there is a smaller % you don’t have) and the rewards from these will likely help you get a boost for completing the others.

Work your way through them and use FUTBIN as a base for price points. If you come across an inflated player, that isn’t normally quite as high, simply aim for a different solution or make a note and check the market for this player at a later date.

Most leagues will have a team that is incredibly expensive, you will not make profit of this team! Accept the coin loss but aim to complete it for as cheap as possible. Keep in mind that the coin reward for completing the league and the player will more than compensate you for this.


Future Potential

These League SBC’s as a whole provide an array of players that aren’t all playable. However it is key to remember that by completing one league, the packs and profits provided will allow you to complete others for cheaper.

On top of this, some of these players carry a huge rating, which will in turn allow you to complete other challenges, such as Icon SBC’s, for a cheaper overall cost.


Questions and Further Advice

If you decide to attempt this method, get stuck or simply have a question, then feel free to reply to the tweet from FUTBIN or message me on my twitter ImADuckQuackk. I will try to ensure I reply to each and every one of you!

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