LaLiga Santander TOTS Predictions

Starting Eleven

Ter Stegen

First up we have Barcelona’s goalkeeper and if your not a Barcelona fan, look away now, as they make up the majority of these predictions. Barcelona have had a fantastic season so far, and with just 4 games left, the league is theirs to lose. Ter Stegen has been a formidable force in goal, averaging 2.5 saves a match and having only conceded 21 goals this season.


As we mentioned above, this line-up is Barcelona heavy, so heavy that they make up the entire defensive starting eleven. Roberto at right-back is first up and while we have already mentioned just how incredible Barcelona have been at the back, this man adds that flair going forward as well. With a goal and 6 assists to his name, he shows that he is the complete package.


It may have taken Umtiti a few months to settle in after joining last year, but it looks like he has found his feet this season, and has been an absolute rock at the back throughout. Now Umtiti may not have any fancy stats, goals scored, assists or informs, but he is a perfect example of consistency and is one of the reasons that Barcelona have only conceded 21 in the league so far.


Next up we have Pique, a man who has been at the club for years and a natural leader. We have a very similar situation to that of Umtiti’s here, nothing too fancy, but he provides reliability and consistency each and every game. Pique has also shown that he can provide that threat going forward as well, with 2 goals to his name in the league so far. We have to remember he has already featured in the community TOTS, but as we have seen in the past, that doesn’t stop him appearing in these too!


We round up our starting eleven’s back line with yet another Barcelona player. Jordi Alba takes this spot and to anyone who may argue that he is undeserving, you are simply wrong. We have spoken about Barcelona’s defensive record too many times already, but let’s have a look at what Alba can offer going forward. With 8 assists and 2 goals, Alba has played a part in roughly 12% of Barcelona’s goals this year and from a left-back, this is impressive to say the least.


Moving up the pitch now and just when you thought we may have finally escaped Barcelona for a while, we drag you back in with yet another selection. In my opinion, Busquets is probably one of the most under-rated players in the world. Yes, we all know he is a top tier player, but does he ever really get the credit he deserves? This man is the glue that holds the entire team together, solid defensively, perfect vision when creating attacks and he even has a goal and 3 assists to his name. Leaving Busquets out would be an absolute disgrace.


Finally we manage to crawl away from Barcelona nominations, although enjoy this moment as it won’t last for long! Real Madrid have had a difficult season, they currently sit fourth in the league and outside of automatic Champions League qualification. Their defence has been shaky at best, conceding more than double the amount of goals when compared to Barcelona or Atlético. Kroos however has been a shining light during this difficult period, providing solid performances throughout, while scoring 4 and assisting another 6.


Could you even imagine a set of nominations that didn’t include this man? While Madrid have been struggling and even Ronaldo has far from an easy start to the season, you can always count on him to turn things around and come or on top. Out of Madrid’s 82 goals this season, Ronaldo has played a part in 29 of them. With 24 goals, 5 assists and therefore playing a direct part in 36% of the goals, he is still the same superstar we all know and love.


After reading Ronaldo’s stats and contribution rates, it becomes difficult to even imagine a player who has had a stronger season. Messi however has been absolutely sensational, and must be a strong front runner for the Balon D’or. Barcelona have scored 87 in the league so far and Messi has been directly involved in over 50% of the goals! With 32 scored and 12 assists, he cements his spot as one of the greatest and when we consider he has secured 21 man of the match awards from the 33 games played, it just takes your breath away.


As far as Suarez is concerned, he has been fairly quiet this year compared to previous form. The key thing to remember here however, is that fairly quiet for Suarez, is still incredible when compared to anyone else. With a total of 23 goals and 9 assists, Suarez is behind both Messi and Ronaldo in the race for the golden boot, however, he is right on track to earn himself a fancy, blue, team of the season card.


Onto our final section for this La Liga starting eleven, and finally, we find a player outside of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atlético Madrid have had a strong season so far, they currently sit second in the league and while catching Barcelona may be unrealistic, finishing above local rivals Real Madrid is a real possibility. With a total of 55 goals scored this season, Griezmann has played a part in 27 of them. Scoring 19, assisting 8 and also picking up 8 man of the match awards, this guy is once again nailed on for his spot.




Onto the substitutes and reserves now, and our first selection is one that has already featured in the community TOTS. Oblak has been one of the worlds best goalkeepers for several years now, and this year is no exception. Atlético have the best defensive record in the league, with just 18 goals conceded, and Oblak with his 2.8 saves a game, has been instrumental in this success.


To say that Real Madrid have had a successful season, would be a stretch at best. They currently sit 15 points behind league leaders and bitter rivals, Barcelona, however they are in the final of the Champions League. Nacho however has been a shining light in an otherwise troubled back-line. His ability to play across several positions and his the work ethic shown, are but a couple of reasons why he makes these predictions.


With just 36 goals conceded this season, it’s no surprise that Valencia sit fourth in the league and Gaya, their right-back, has been an instrumental part of this success. Having played almost every game this season, he shows just how hard he works and his ability to push forward, while also remaining solid defensively, simply cannot be overlooked.

Lucas Hernandez

With Atletico Madrid currently sitting in second place, it’s no surprise that they have the best defensive record in the league. With just 18 goals conceded all season, it would be nothing short of a crime to not recognise these achievements. First up we have Lucas Hernandez, a centre-back with no limitations at the heart of the defence.

Felipe Luis

Onto our second Atletico defender now, and while Felipe Luis has been incredible when playing, his lack of game time this year would be my only concern. Personally I believe either Luis or Vrasaljko will make the cut, however for me, Luis just edges out the win here.


With Valencia sitting in fourth and with a serious chance of Champions League football next year, we have to expect a couple of their players make this line-up. Parejo has been nothing short of incredible this year, solid across the midfield, brilliant defensively and has even shown his ability going forward with 7 goals, 7 assists and 7 man of the match awards too.


Onwards and upwards with these predictions now, and we see yet another Valencia player featuring in these predictions. Kondogbia has been incredibly solid as a holding midfield across the season, fantastic defensively, but has also shown his ability going forward with 4 goals and 4 assists as well.


While they may be out of the Champions League and not top of La Liga, anybody suggesting Atlético haven’t had a strong season would be incredibly misinformed. With a second leg tie this evening against Arsenal in the Europa league and their current position of second in La Liga, it’s clear that Atlético are improving year on year. Saul once again has been a critical part of the team, solid across the midfield, endless stamina and even 2 goals and 3 assists to his name.


Back across to Valencia now and while Guedes may not have had the game-time he needed while at PSG, Valencia have ensured they utilise this youngsters abilities. With 4 goals and 9 assists in the league so far, Guedes has been a critical part of Valencia’s success, and at the young age of just 21, we could be looking at a future star.


Moving onto Valencia’s attack now, and while many would have a different selection here, personally I feel like Rodrigo has done enough. From the 62 goals scored by Valencia in the league, Rodrigo has been a part of 20. Having provided 4 assists and 16 goals, Rodrigo secures his spot in our La Liga predictions.


This man pops up time after time, whether it’s an Inform, a man of the match or even a team of the season, year after year you can guarantee that he will preform. While Celta Vigo may sit in the bottom have of the table, Aspas has once again been a diamond in the rough. From the 54 goals scored, Aspas has been a part of almost half. With 20 goals, 5 assists and 10, yes 10 man of the match awards, his team of the season card is all but confirmed.


Back to Girona for our final selection, where we find Stuani, who has been lethal in front of Goal this year. From the 47 goals Girona have scored, Stuani has been a part of 19. Now while he may not have any assists, 19 goals and 2 man of the match awards show just how dangerous this Uruguayan is, and surely he has done enough to make this final selection.


Honorable mentions



Neto (GK) - Valencia

Asenjo (GK) - Villarreal

Vrsaljko (RB) - Atletico Madrid

Elustondo (RB) - Real Sociedad

Maffeo (RB) - Girona

Casemiro (CDM) - Real Madrid

Illarramendi (CM) - Real Sociedad

Koke (CM) - Atletico Madrid

Paulinho (CM) - Barcelona

Rakatic (CM) - Barcelona

Wass (CM) - Celta

Franco Vazquez (CAM) - Sevilla

Asensio (CAM) - Real Madrid

Sisto (LW) - Celta


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