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To Rage Quit, Or Not To Rage Quit?


Hey comrades, welcome back to FUT FM on FUTBIN, this is going to be a spicy episode so let’s jump right in!



Did World Cup Icons Drop Too Early?

There seem to be 2 camps of FIFA fans these days.

Those who think the World Cup mode is “dead” and that the game is “dead” because Icons were easily accessible  with the repeatable SBC.

Then there are those in the “it’s a casual mode for fun at the end of its life cycle” camp.

Although it seems odd from a gameplay perspective to have Icons dominate the meta so early, we have to remember that regular cards will be getting boosts throughout the entire WC. These boosts will likely be significant and add variety back into the mode’s squad building meta.

At FUT FM, we’re firmly in the 2nd aforementioned camp. At this point it’s June 2018 and the new FIFA is only a couple of months away, so why not let people have some good fun? It’s not like it has a negative impact on the rest of the game, apart from potentially longer matchmaking in FUT Online Seasons.

But that matchmaking time was always going to get longer, as most players drop off before FIFA 19 anyway.

By the way, another thing to note about the World Cup Icons is that they have severe drawbacks. For example, Goran’s team has R9, Ronaldinho, Neymar, Messi, Maradona, and Matthaus in the starting 11. That’s only 1 player with any defensive capabilities.

No matter how amazing your team is, if you have barely any players that can win the ball back, you’re going to have an imbalanced team that’s prone to being scored on.


Is Rage Quitting Worse Than Time Wasting?

Although it’s been weeks now, the FIFA community is still arguing over the actions of DrErhano at the Amsterdam Playoffs.

Basically, he quit a match to the console’s main menu after his opponent time wasted because of a lead.

A lot of people have blasted Erhano for being unprofessional, and yet somehow, very few people have said anything negative about the player time wasting.

Now we all know that time wasting is a part of football, but in real life, it’s something that happens during breaks and transitions. Teams don’t send the ball to their back 4 and pass between them. They’d get closed down and scored on.

Time wasting without any punishments or rules against it in FIFA pro matches. #FUTFM54

— FUT FM - #1 FIFA Podcast (@FUTFMPodcast) June 7, 2018

In FIFA, you can keep the ball forever if you really wanted to. It’s not the same thing at all.

We ran a poll on Twitter and 64% of you wanted punishments for time wasting. It’s definitely something to consider for the health of FIFA esports in the future. After all, time wasting is punishable in real football. Why should Erhano have to forfeit his prize money  while a time waster doesn’t even get cautioned?

Thanks for checking out FUT FM 54. We’ll be back next week with lots of FIFA 19 talk!

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FUT FM Episode 54 Highlights

0:14  Valerio doesn’t know how fevers work.

1:45  FIFA 18 Amsterdam playoffs, time wasting, and THAT moment.

7:34  Should there be anti time wasting rules?

9:42  World Cup mode discussion including packs, passing, defending, delay, and skill level.

19:09  Playing FUT Champs with a fever.

20:09  New research on pack weights.

24:45  FIFA 16 and FIFA Street.