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So here it is, the highly anticipated TOTGS predictions from FUTBIN! When reading these, keep in mind that we have no idea when EA may decide to drop such an event, and with one weeks worth of matches remaining at the time of writing, certain players could jump into the mix, or find themselves dropping out. Anyhow, enough chitter chatter, let’s get into these predictions!



Starting Eleven


Inter Milan sit on 7 points, they have conceded 6, and are still far from qualified for the final 16 of the competition. Based on this, nominating a goalkeeper for the TOTGS makes very little sense, right? Well actually, Handanovic has been the reason they have done as well as they have; is currently the top rated goalkeeper (based on match ratings) in the competition, and hence thoroughly deserves his spot within these predictions!


With a total of 5 games played, Bayern have secured a total of 13 points. With 4 wins, 1 draw and only 2 goals conceded, not including a defensive player here would be ridiculous. Now, when it comes to selecting which defender, we aren’t short of options. Alaba, Martinez, Hummels and Kimmich made the shortlist, but with all 5 games played and 2 assists to his name, we felt it was about time that Kimmich got his first upgrade of the year.


Over to Napoli next, and with just one game remaining, a loss could see them exit the competition in the group stages. With 3 goals a piece, we have both Mertens and Insigne, but with the abundance of strikers already, it was time to look elsewhere. Koulibaly has been solid across the 5 games, standing up when needed, and leading from the back. We also know that EA likes to include big names across the board, and he certainly ticks this box.


We move onto Dortmund now, and with it we come across a near impossible decision. At a glance, we haven’t seen a standout superstar emerge within these games, however we have seen Dortmund work as a fantastic unit, with every member contributing. The obvious choices remain present, such as Reus, however for us, the defence has been the standout feature. Both fullbacks have a real chance of making this squad, but our selection goes with Diallo. He has the highest average match rating across the 4 games he played, and is surely a candidate for a monster upgrade here.

Jordi Alba

Now this is where things get tough, as Barcelona simply have far too many possible nominations for these TOTGS predictions. Suarez has been solid, but lacks the goal contribution numbers. Coutinho has been spectacular and also has the numbers to back this up. However, with Messi being a lock, a defensive player is the route we take for our second selection. Alba has not only been defensively solid across the campaign so far, but with 1 goal and 3 assists to his name as well, it should be more than enough to secure him a spot amongst the elite.

David Silva

Despite an incredibly shaky start to the campaign, Manchester City managed to get themselves back on track, having qualified with a game to spare. As expected, there were several stand out performances across the 5 games, but we felt that there were two players, who shined that little bit brighter. First up we have David Silva, one of the best midfielders in the world, and a man who simply doesn’t get enough credit for the job he does. With 3 goals, 1 assist and a 7.88 average match rating, he fully deserves this upgrade.


Onto Juventus now, where we find a team in fine form, and a Ronaldo still yet to secure a special card moving into the middle of December! A last minute loss to United provided Juventus with their only point loss of the groups so far, and Dybala is one of the key reasons for this. With his 4 goals from 4 games contribution, this would make one incredible attacking midfielder, striker, or wherever else you would choose to play him!


Things are already getting crazy within these predictions, and these final names within the starting eleven are only going to see pure mayhem emerge. PSG look like they have overcome their unsteady start, with a win away in their final match completing the job. While the likes of Mbappe and Di Maria have had solid campaigns, Neymar stands out far above the rest. With 4 goals, an assist and some sensational performances, this upgrade is long overdue.


Madrid may be struggling in the league, but luckily their Champions League form has been significantly better. With 12 points from 5 games, they have already secured qualification, now the only question remaining is; will they win the group? As for these nominations, Benzema is in with a shout, while Kroos could definitely find himself sneaking into the squad. As for our predictions though, Bale is the man who gets our vote. With 3 goals and 2 assists, this could be one of the best right wingers in the game.


Do we even need any text here? Is this even a debatable selection? I mean, let’s just let the stats and figures do the talking this time. He has played 3 games, scored 6 goals, provided 1 assist, earnt 3/3 man of the match awards and maintained an average match rating of 9.67, this is happening.


As mentioned before, we can’t include everyone we would like to within these predictions, which leaves us with some tough choices. Atletico for example have had a few standout performers, with Koke being the one hardest to exclude. Despite Griezmann already have a RTTF card though, leaving him out just didn’t feel right. With 4 goals, 2 assists and 3 man of the match performances from the 5 games so far, logic suggests he has to make the final squad.


Substitutes and Reserves


Onto the bench now, and as always we kick start things with a goalkeeper. Frankfurt have had a near perfect campaign so far, taking 15 points from their 5 games and having only conceded 4 goals. Trapp has been a fundamental part of this success, and fully deserves an upgrade for his hard work.


We move onto yet another fairly controversial selection here, but with a lack of defenders featuring so far, and Arsenal having conceded only 2 goals during the campaign, we could see this man sneak in. Sokratis has the highest average match rating with 7.36, from those playing 3 or more games, and his goal during the campaign is simply the icing on the cake. We know that EA likes to upgrade these cards, and surely this is provides them with the perfect opportunity.


Ajax is our next stop, and with it we come across one of the toughest decisions yet. Figures and statistics, combined with actual performances suggest that a defensive player is the correct choice, despite Tadic having a fantastic 3 goals and 1 assist contribution. Tagliafico is the first man on the list, but with his RTTF card looking likely to revive an upgrade and the easy access it carries due to the price, it makes sense to take this decision in another direction. De Ligt would make one hell of a card, and be a real fan favourite too, however we felt that Mazraoui, with 2 goals and some incredible performances deserved this spot.

Lo Celso

With 11 points to their name Real Betis have already qualified for the knockout stages of the competition, while a win in their final match would see them top the group. Now we had a few potential nominations here, especially Bartra who has been fantastic all season, however it’s the man from PSG who gets our vote. With 3 goals, 1 assist and an average match rating of 7.84, this could become an incredible card.


You know how every year there’s this one card that is extremely affordable and simply incredible to use? Well, if Ndombele makes the cut, it could very well be this man here. With solid performances throughout the group matches, and 2 goals from his central role, Ndombele definitely deserves his spot amongst the elite this time.


We move back across to the Premier League now, where we find our second selection from the Europa League. Chelsea have stormed through the groups, which was expected, but refreshingly we have seen some lesser known heroes emerge. The youngster, Loftus-Cheek, has shown just what he is capable of, and after four fantastic performances and 3 goals to his name, this upgrade would give his NIF card one hell of a boost.


Onto our second Manchester City player now, and if these predictions come to be, then there could be some very happy OTW Mahrez owners across the world. This Algerian may not have started every match, but he still managed to contribute to 5 goals, with 1 goal under his name and 4 assists as well. EA could easily go in a different direction here, but based on the stats, we feel he deserves his spot.


Our fifth and final Europa League player to feature within these predictions, comes from a dominant Salzburg side. With 15 points from 5 games, they are yet to drop a single point, and Dabbur is one of the key reasons for this. With 5 goals and 1 assist across his 5 matches, this man could be receiving a well deserved upgrade when this drops.


Porto have had one hell of a start to their Champions League campaign this season, and are yet to lose with 4 wins and a draw under their belt. Marega has been in fine form across these matches, bagging himself 4 goals, picking up an assist and also finding himself nominated as the man of the match twice.


We have included a lot of superstar strikers within these predictions, yet nobody could match the goal contribution this man has achieved. Dzeko only took part in four of the five matches, but still managed to contribute to a total of 7 goals. With 5 scores himself, and 2 assists to his name as well, this man simply has to make the cut.


Harry Kane or Christian Eriksen, this was the conversation that took place before completing this list. Eriksen was solid across the campaign, with his late goal against Inter giving them a fighting chance of making the final 16. Kane however was in typical Kane form, scoring 4, playing every single minute, and once again showing why he is one of the best strikers in world football.


Our final selection in this 23 man squad sees us heading back across to Germany, where we find our second and last Bayern player to enter the lineup. Out of the 12 goals Bayern have scored across this campaign, Lewandowski was behind exactly half of them. With 6 goals, 2 man of the match performances and one hell of a start to this cup, he rounds up these predictions with a bang.

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