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FFS… both my response to the “unlucky” bounces of Weekend League and the tidy acronym for the latest promotion introducing the FUT Future Stars.  Team of the Season level ratings and stats for the players of tomorrow is new, and I like that.  Regardless of the power shift that this has caused throughout FUT, the potential hybrids and unique squads does add a new dynamic to the game which is always welcome in my book.  I must admit that when this promotion dropped I was left wondering, “where do I start?”  In the end the seamless links into my squad, double 4 star, and Gullit Gang statistics of Houssem Aouar were too much to pass up and I purchased the Frenchmen at what I realize now was a bargain price of 800k on XBOX.
A bit of experimenting this weekend with 4-5-1 went well early on but left me open in the midfield as the games became more difficult.  Aouar flourished in the CAM position and was constantly making quality runs in and around the box. Eventually I would revert back to the familiarity of 4-2-2-2 and tried Aouar as a LEFT ST, CAM, & CDM with his positions rotating as the games progressed.  Continuing with the setup, the chemistry style options for this card are basically a luxury. Depending on what you want you apply the boosts that fit your needs and you are set.  While MAESTRO leaves Aouar a 97 rated CAM I decided to go with the small pace boost of HAWK instead.  Aouar was the French Connection in the following squad:


Pace & Dribbling   

With 87 PACE & 87 ACCELERATION as base stats you probably don’t need to add additional pace but I went for it anyway. Especially in the CAM positions those vital extra seconds of separation from tracking midfielders are so important for me. Additionally, the amount of goals I scored this weekend from Aouar just being quicker than his marker was crucial to my success.  Taking this one step further… he can dribbling at pace and change directions in an instant.  Aouar is like a hummingbird flying in and out of space and in constant motion; when he receives the ball 93 CONTROL is instant to feet, while 91 AGILITY & 93 BALANCE in a 5’9 (175cm) player makes it extremely difficult to get the ball off of him.
Pace Rating: 9.5/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.6/10 


Shooting & Passing

As previously mentioned the 4 STAR WEAK FOOT on this card is an important feature for his versatility on the pitch. However, he does seem to favor his right foot the majority of the time and opts for the outside of the foot finesse as opposed to using his left.  I could go on and on about the goals this card is capable of, and the inch perfect passes Aouar can string across the pitch, but I will spend a minute on a small issue I had with this card.  With HAWK applied Aouar has ALL 80+ STATISTICS except 68 HEADING ACCURACY (although he did score quite a few headed goals for me), 78 CROSSING, & most notably 68 FREE KICK ACCURACY.  I realize there are other free kick takers and this is a minor detail, but with all of these remarkable statistics the fact that he could not hit a proper free kick for me was disappointing.  I told you this was a small issue.  

Shooting Rating: 9.4/10
Passing Rating: 9/10


Physical & Defending

While HAWK adds some padding to the physical stats of this card going forward, if FUT Mangers are looking for a more defensive option ANCHOR provides a similar effect.  The physicality of this card was something I was concerned about given Aouar’s lean body type, 5’9 frame, and 81 STRENGTH.  These apprehensions were destroyed after one game with this card.  Balance plays a big part while on the ball, while defensive prowess makes up for any issues off of the ball.  I strongly feel that Aouar is wasted in the CDM position but in close games I would drop him back into a “Kante-esq” role and have him relentlessly track down the ball… which he does perfectly.  As a CAM the amount of attacks that were kept alive by the Aouar’s defensive abilities was worth 6 – 7 goals alone in 20 games.  Again, not a CDM in my mind, but he could easily fill in this role for any squad.  One final note, 88 STAMINA was just enough for 120 minutes as a CAM and he is not a player needing a sub by the end of the match which is another added bonus.

Physical Rating: 8.7/10
Defending Rating: 8.5/10


Final Score

Final Rating: 9.5/10

A bit of a longer review, but there is a lot to say about this card.  Move over RTTF Ben Yedder (until you get a few upgrades) because there is a new number one in my heart.  As I sit here writing this review I am having seller’s remorse.   I bought FFS Aouar for 800k (XBOX) and the selling price of 960k Saturday night was too much to pass up and hoping for the best I sold. The best part of reviewing players is that it forces me to try different squads, leagues, and formations; keeping the game fresh and my enjoyment high.  The negative comes from the need to constantly recycle coins and losing enjoyable players like FFS Aouar.  This card is fantastic and worth every coin if you can pull them together.  Just for a bit of context it is an interesting experiment comparing Aoura to a player such as 90 rated Gullit.  I realize that Gullit is taller, with 5 Star Weak Foot, and has the “ICON effect”… but just looking at the statistics in isolation is mind blowing and illustrates just how good this card really is.  If you can, give him a go, you won’t be disappointed.  Cheers for reading.



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