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FUT 19 Ratings Refresh - Ligue 1

Ratings Refresh - Ligue 1


So here we are, the mid way point in the season, and so very close to EA’s annual ratings refresh. Some of you may be new to FIFA, and some of you may simply benefit from a quick refresh, so what exactly is this event, and what exactly does it entail?

For the purpose of these predictions, it is important to note that we have taken all ratings and guesses from Career Mode. These are the current ratings, and hence as close to a reliable set of predictions as we can create.

What Is Ratings Refresh

Ratings refresh used to be a time for EA to adjust players base card stats, according to how successful their season had been. Back in the day, this would involve both upgrades and downgrades, however in recent years, EA have scrapped the negative and focused solely on the positives, the upgrades.

A player with a strong first half of the season is likely to see their base card obtain an upgrade. Now this doesn’t automatically increase the stats of those found within packs, instead releases a new batch of cards which replace the older version inside of future packs. 

These upgrades can often increase a players stats to a level that matches or exceeds special cards received across the season, but fear not, as when this happens, EA are already prepared to mimic such adjustments to the relevant cards.


Ligue 1 examples:

Mbappe 87 → 88 (+1)

So let’s assume that Mbappe receives a +1 upgrade as anticipated. This would then remove his 87 rated non-Inform card from packs, and replace it with an 88 card instead.

As it stands, Mbappe has has 4 special cards that were available in packs. An Inform, a second Inform, a champions league card and a TOTY card. Now if we take his new base card, and apply the upgrades accordingly we will see how things change.

IF 88 → 89
SIF 89 → 90
CL 88 → 89
TOTY 97 → 97

Both Inform cards and the CL card see a boost in line with the upgrade, while the TOTY card remains the same. By taking the new value of the NIF card, the same upgrades are then replicated and applied.

Rongier 78 → 79 (+1)

Rongier currently has a 78 rated base card, and if we refer to the table above, we see that this produces an 82 rated Inform. If he then receives the anticipated +1 boost, he will get a new 79 rated Base card, and when we look at the table, this will also produce an 82 rated Inform.  So the IF will not receive any upgrade in this case!

In a situation such as this, no change is required and normally the Inform remains the same rating.


Let’s Talk Numbers, the +2 and Above Changes

Pepe 75 → 79 (+4)

Let’s kick start these Ligue 1 predictions with a big one, another massive +4 potential rise. Pepe has had nothing short of a sensational season so far, scoring 16 goals while providing 8 assists from just 24 games played. From these games, he has won a total of 7 man of the match awards, around 30% of the games played, while also securing a monumental 7.57 average match rating. 

Mendes 76 → 79 (+3)

We stick with Lille for our next selection, as we head towards their middle line now with Mendes. From a goal scoring point of view, Mendes is yet to find the net and with just 2 assists, his qualities clearly don’t revolve around this. He has however been a machine in the midfield, dominating numerous matches and securing an average rating of 7.30 across his 22 games so far.

Denayer 74 → 77 (+3)

Over to Lyon next, where we find a young center back who has shown their worth this year. Denayer already has a scream card, that potentially shows his future stats in certain areas, however for now we are looking at a possible +3 change to his base card. Lyon currently sit in third, with 27 goals conceded so far, and while this record may not be sensational, it shows the defenders are doing something right. Denayer has played almost every game, secured a 6.89 match rating and also found the back of the net twice, this has to be enough for a +3 boost.

Aouar 78 → 80 (+2)

We remain with Lyon for our next selection, where we see one of our future stars beginning his climb to superstar status. Aouar has had a great season with the club so far, playing in every game to date in the league, while contributing 6 goals and 2 assists along the way. He has managed to keep his average rating above 7.0 across the year, while also picking up 3 man of the match awards as well. A plus 2 jump feels like the right move here.

Ndombele 78 → 80 (+2)

We stick with Lyon for yet another player now, which shows just how well they have performed in the league this year. Ndombele looks like an exciting future prospect, his ability to lock down the midfield and dictate play is a quality that is rarer and rarer to find. He may not have scored himself, however he has provided 4 assists, which from a defensive midfielder is more than satisfactory.

Mendy 77 → 79 (+2)

For one last time, we focus on Lyon here, and our next selection sees us finding yet another youngster with a whole heap of potential! Mendy has played a part in Lyon’s defensive line, but also shown his qualities when going forward. With 2 goals and an assist under his belt, he shows that he is the full package at fullback, and with an average match rating of 7.10, he shows he carries the consistency as well.

Lala 76 → 78 (+2)

From one fullback to another now, as we find a man who has been absolutely incredible this year. Lala seems to have a TOTW worthy performance almost every week, and with his array of skills it is hardly a surprise. Defensively he has been solid this year, however things don’t stop there! Lala has contributed 4 goals and 8 assists to his sides push, picking up 3 man of the match awards and a 7.22 average across his league games this season.

The Remaining +2 Changes

Tatarusanu 78 → 80
Benitez 76 → 78
Kamano 75 → 77
Pablo 75 → 77
Sels 75 → 77
Selnaes 75→ 77
Otavio 75 → 77
Delort 75 → 77
Martin 75 → 77
Laborde 75 → 77
Soumaoro 75 → 77
Tait 74 → 76


Here is the list of anticipated upgrades:


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