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After looking through four Serie A TOTS predictions I was pretty sure that I would be able to take it easy this Weekend League and walk away after my 20 match review.  Then, madness ensued and TOTS Serie A was dropped with a host of amazing cards backed by an equally stacked Eredivisie TOTS; 30 matches and 2 reviews later this was anything but a laid back weekend. With all of the usable cards in the Serie A squad, it was Alejandro Gómez that jumped out at me as the must-try option, not because of his stats, but because of how important TOTS Gómez was to me in FIFA 18.  I realize that this is a new game, but in FIFA 18 Gómez was my ultimate super sub and time and time again he would bail me out and win me matches.  While my selection was based on nostalgia, my formation and set up this weekend was all new and I went with a 4-2-3-1 with Gómez as the lone ST or CAM throughout.  

Here is how the weekend went:


Final Score

Final Rating: 9.3/10

The goals per game with this card are a bit misleading compared to the 9.3 rating.  I had three rage quits after a single goal which hindered the final results, along with the 4-2-3-1 leading to fewer goals conceded and fewer goals scored.  However, Gómez was at the forefront of everything I did well this weekend and his statistics come as advertised.  With the MARKSMAN chemistry style applied you get a well-rounded beast in the attacking third.  99 ACCELERATION & 94 SPRINT SPEED are the starting point and you definitely do not need to top them off, this card can fly around the pitch.  The boosts to Shooting leave 95 SHOT POWER & 95 VOLLEYS as the only two categories short of 99; while the Dribbling boost leaves 97 REACTION & 93 COMPOSURE the only imperfections on the ball.  Small Physical boosts are okay, but do not make much difference as I will discuss later, but when all is said and done one glance at this card and you know Gómez is a fantastic option.



Rating: 4/5

Like Dembélé from last week, Gómez is helped in this category by the same group of cards that he was created for.  The Serie A TOTS offers a nice niche of Argentinian options and then, of course, you have the masked man Paulo Dybala himself who I used in my squad for the link and his abilities of course.  I wouldn’t go quite as far as Dembélé’s 4.5/5 because of a lack of Atalanta links.  Zapata is definitely a strong card, but Ilicic is barely usable … and just then I have doomed myself to get him in my player picks Thursday.


End Game Strength & Value/Coins

EGS Rating: 4/5
V/C Rating: 5/5

This card is definitely a viable option to improve any team and really could be a possibility for the remainder of FIFA.  In saying that my rating is one based on the number of quality cards still to come this FUT, not the quality of this card.  I guess I am saying that Gómez is good enough to be in most end game teams, but I doubt he will be in many come the end of June… just too many options out there.

Gómez has been fluctuating around the 600k mark this weekend and I think this is definitely fair value.  90+ Pace, Shooting, Dribbling, & Passing is a potent mix, while 4 STAR WEAK FOOT adds a lethal touch around goal.  Nothing drives me nuts like the statistic comparisons on Twitter; no matter how close Player A looks in statistics, they will never be close to Prime Gullit will they… But sometimes we must become what we hate and a simple comparison to TOTS Sterling shows how strong this card is; at half the price and with a stronger weak foot this card is worth the coins.



Rating: 3/5

Like Dembélé this card isn’t even unique in the TOTS it was created.  Small, quick, Argentinian players are a dime a dozen and by now dynamic images go hand in hand with every card.  Maybe the only unique thing is the price of this card compared to other statistically similar options.  But really that is just reaching.


Good vs. Bad 

G/B Rating: 4/5

As an ST and a CAM you know this card will create and score goals.  Everything about the in-game statistics feels accurate inside a match and Gómez is definitely a danger man.  If you use the Pace, Agility, Balance, and the small size of Gómez to keep defenders at arm’s length you will be more than happy.  Yet, once you get close enough for a defender to lay a hand on you the ball is gone, simple as that.  Additionally, even if you had 120 JUMPING you would not win headers with the size of this card versus the quality of defenders you face in any team now.  Thus answering the age-old question, size does matter. 


Closing Words

I can’t sit here and say “go buy this guy he will change your team and win you games.”  Gómez is a solid option no doubt, but far from a must-have.  What I will say is that you could do WAY worse and if you are looking at Gómez for links or you really want to try him he will not disappoint.  The value is right, the card is sick, take him for a spin, but you will probably move on soon as I did.  Cheers for reading.


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