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FUT 22 ICON Rio Ferdinand (85)

ICON Rio Ferdinand (85)


As the new ICON Swap challenges hit the FIFA scene on Monday, it became a race to de-rank as quickly as possible for many FUT Managers; attempting to remove some of the stress associated with the “interesting” requirements.  FUTBIN posed the question; who does everyone wanted to see reviewed before making your final choices with your hard-earned swaps?  Rio Ferdinand was an overwhelming selection and with that, I threw the English powerhouse into my backline this past Weekend League.  Alongside Van Dijk I applied the ANCHOR chemistry style to Rio in hopes that the dynamic duo would shut the doors on my WL opponents in the following squad:



Rating: 8.7/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 8/10
Shooting Rating: N/A
Passing Rating: 7/10
Physical Rating: 9/10
Defending Rating: 9/10

Not quite a full 9/10 in my books, which might be “harsh”, “unrealistic”, “stupid”… but I stand by the fact that Van Dijk outperformed Rio throughout the weekend and I did not notice a huge difference between Rio and other CBs I have used lately.  When I add up the comments I made in my notes throughout the weekend they all come from a place of disappointment that Rio did not live up to my expectations.  This might be the biggest issue and one that FUT Managers might face when completing this SWAP.  I expected a savior who would improve my squad and push the quality of my squad further forward; what I got was an extremely solid option who created stability, but not superiority.


Linkability & Current Game Strength

Linkability Rating: 5/5
Current Game Strength Rating: 5/5

The ICON links are incredibly useful and if you packed yourself a red IF Walker this weekend you have a pairing that will last you for a long period of time.  The link to IF Trent Alexander-Arnold or RTTF Joe Gomez is also nice for those hybrid options.  When I say I long period of time I mean it in every sense of the idea and not only is Rio a 5/5 in strength now, but he will be well into January in my mind.  

88 ACCELERATION & 90 SPRINT SPEED; two numbers that would be ideal for your top-level strikers in FIFA 20 … also the result of applying the ANCHOR chemistry style to this beast. 88 INTERCEPTIONS is also the lowest of the defending statistics that Rio carries and demonstrates the level that his defending can reach.


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad

Value/Coins – Time Rating: 4/5 – 5/5 
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

Explain the ratings here is quite simple; value for coins I think that Rio is a 4/5 and 700k is just too pricey for me.  When Van Dijk is sitting at just under 600k and superior in every way you cannot say that spending the coins here is good value.  There are other options for a cheaper price that allow you to spread the wealth in other areas of your squad.  However, value for time is a different story and receives a 5/5 rating for me.  The fact that this card is essentially “free” is a crazy concept.  Yes, I know that free is an interesting and debatable word here … but essentially he is zero coins.  Is it time-consuming and frustrating, absolutely! But so worth it when you see your hard work pay off and submit the hard earned cards to earn your just rewards.

So, here is where I am going to try and justify the 8.7/10 that many readers will probably take issue with.  I can hear/read the replies already about Rio being a stonewall 10/10 and the best CB of all time.  But I can only relay what I witnessed.  Undoubtedly Rio is class and can run a backline, but three key areas I found time and time again were the following: lost headers, weaker tackles, poor passing.  The lost headers is a bit of the game makes up but Rio did lose considerably more than VVD on the other side.  The tackles are again part of the game, but often Rio would go into players and not emerge with the ball, leading to additional chances.  Finally, the passing is just not the best and he would make excellent interceptions, followed by giving back position with a ball I would normally expect to find the target.  Everything else is pure class, but the same issues began to weigh on me during the 20 matches.


Closing Words

To complete, or not to complete, that is the question.  One that we all must answer as swaps begin to wrap up and decisions about the squad need to be made.  After all is said and done and if you still have all of your swaps there are really only four options in my mind. Rio (of course he is still top shelf), Base Icon Pack (roll the dice and hope for a sick pull), Butragueño (this FIFA was made for him), and my pick … Zanetti.  I will not go into why I would go the Argentine’s route, but I will say that if Rio is the man on your mind you will do well to complete the Englishman.  There were some tackles he made throughout the weekend that I cannot deny, VVD would never have got there… but it is the fact he needed to make them that bothered me so often.  Cheers for reading. 



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