SIF Kevin De Bruyne


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, PS4 so no mouse;
De Bruyne was bought, ENGINE applied with care,
In hopes that the Weekend League soon would be there:


The lag started early, the slowdown I dread,
While visions of Elite one danced in my head;
And Mamma hates FIFA, so I always take crap,
But there is time to play while she is taking a nap;

Into the tackles Kevin came with a clatter,
His defending not great, but that didn’t matter.
86 SPRINT SPEED turned him into the flash,
While 95 LONG SHOTS lets him give it a lash;

4 STAR SKILLS, De Bruyne puts on a show
Defenders make tackles but with nothing to show,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
5 STAR WEAK FOOT and 24 goals to cheer.

87 ACCELERATION, De Bruyne’s so lively and quick, 
I knew in a moment his dribbling was slick.
More rapid than TOTGS Allan his turns they came,
85 AGILITY and 88 BALANCE the statistics to blame.

Now, Trent! Now, Virgil! now Mahrez and Firmino!
On, Carlos! on Gomez! on Allison and Fabinho!
To the top of the pile, 14 assists helped all!
This card is pure class when he gets on the ball! 

He sprang 94 STAMINA, battled to the whistle,
96 SHOT POWER, the ball flew like a missile,
And then 86 FINISHING put opponents out of sight,
Happy CHRISTMAS TO ALL, KDB shines bright. 



Rating: 9.4/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.8/10
Shooting Rating: 9.8/10
Passing Rating: 9.8/10
Physical Rating: 8.5/10
Defending Rating: 8.5/10

Now that we are in the holiday spirit, let’s talk a bit more about the Manchester City talisman.  Yet another KDB masterclass, this time Arsenal playing the victims, landed the Belgian with a SIF and 94 rated card.  This card has some serious upside and not many weaknesses … if any.  I played De Bruyne in all three CAM positions of the 4-2-3-1 and even as a CDM this past Weekend League.  I am telling you, you passed every test with flying colors and then some.  This card has sneaky pace and especially on the ball De Bruyne can blow opponents away with his first touch.  This card should not be as quick as he is given the stats, but whatever is causing it … I enjoyed it.  As you would expect you can hammer the ball with KDB and time and time again I was picking up goals outside of the box, which I feel does not happen nearly as much anymore.  The dribbling and passing statistics combine to make a card capable of wriggling free and then hitting the inch perfect ball into space, resulting in a nice assist return as well.  Maybe more than anything the biggest surprise I found this weekend was the physical prowess and defensive abilities hidden within this card.  78 STRENGTH feels more like high 80’s and even 90’s; while the quality in defending was unbelievable.  KDB has the pace to close down opponent's build up play, and then somehow comes out the other side with the ball and the counter-attack was started.


Closing Words

At 780k this card is going to tug at the purse strings, but man is it worth it.  The big question, of course, is whether or not 94 IF KDB is worth the almost 300k difference to his TOTGS?  As a CM or even CDM 100%, as a CAM I might go with the TOTGS myself, but the 94 does have the additional pace that is so key.  Versatility is the buzz word for De Bruyne is this edition of his ever-growing card collection.  I highly recommend any FUT Manager giving him a go, he will pass the majority of tests in spades.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season, and we all receive the Christmas miracle of smooth gameplay in 2020.  Cheers for reading. 


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