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King Kenny of the House Dalglish, the first of his name, King of Scotland, the rightful king of FUT Champs, breaker of drop back managers and father of the drag back, regent of the Weekend League realm.  This past weekend King Kenny entered the Game of Thrones in my Weekend League squad, in hopes of reigning supreme in the ST position of a 4-2-3-1.  From a statistic and price tag perspective, you would guess that he was fantastic; however, there were some unexpected hiccups and challenges that I will dive into later in the review.  I went with the HAWK and ENGINE chemistry styles to add some jump to the Scotsman’s already loaded statistical categories, and in the end, I was hoping King Kenny would crown my squad champions in the following squad:




Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 9/10
Dribbling Rating: 9.9/10
Shooting Rating: 9.9/10
Passing Rating: 9/10
Physical Rating: 8.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A

Prior to this weekend, my only experience with Dalglish has been the 87 rated Base ICON in drafts.  He seems to always pop up and is a fantastic performer.  Clearly I was expecting an even better experience with the 90 rated Middle ICON, but in the end, I had mixed results.  Don’t get me wrong, Dalglish is a terrific card and brilliantly balanced for goal scoring.  But when you spend 1.7 million coins on a single edition you are expecting consistent quality … and I didn’t always get this from Dalglish from game to game.  Consistency is the key factor for this review as I try to fairly praise and criticize one of the best cards I have used in any FIFA.


Linkability & Current Game Strength 

Linkability Rating: 4.5/5
Current Game Strength Rating: 5/5

Obviously the ICONs are useful in any squad, but more and more I enjoy ICONs that offer strong links to players in potential squad as well.  It makes team building all the easier, and in the case of Dalglish, there are not many options available.  However, once you fit King Kenny into your squad it is lights out and this card delivers on a crazy level.  In the end, I had the most success using the HAWK chemistry style, primarily due to the 99 POSITIONING, 96 FINISHING, & 97 SHOT POWER.  I leave out the 93 ACCELERATION & 92 SPRINT SPEED because this card did not feel near as fast as he should. While the 87 flies around the pitch, I found the 90 rated slightly lacking, which does not make much sense.  Don’t get me wrong, Dalglish is still quick, but he lacks the pure speed found in other cards.


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad

Value/Coins Rating: 4.5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

At a whopping 1.7 million coins this card eats up a large portion of many budgets, and in return, you expect a level of production and quality that justifies placing so much value on one card.  For me, Dalglish was just about worth every coin, especially as defences seem to be dropping back further than ever.  The quality of the ST position needs to be top class to break down the tight spaces and abuse any mistakes your opponents make.  Dalglish is one of, if not the best finisher I have used in FIFA 20 and I was leaning towards a full 5/5 despite the hefty cost.  But, the small issues I experienced with the speed in this card are just deterring me from the perfect rating here. 

I have covered the near-perfect shooting I experienced with this card and the 5 STAR WEAK FOOT is just so nice when it operates to this level.  The responsive dribbling is ideal and Dalglish has the ball on a string and defenders on skates.  The physicality of this card is slightly concerning, but you can get by with 70 Strength and 81 Stamina, especially in those forward positions.  Even the passing surprised me as Dalglish popped up with 16 assists, adding to his 31 goals, and a total of 47 contributions in 20 games.  And all of this brings me back to the one grievance I need to air this Festivus; Dalglish just doesn’t have the pace I would want/expect with such high rated statistics.  It is almost as if his touch tight dribbling holds him back in this sense and he just doesn’t get the ball far enough out of his feet to get going at full stride.  This was the predominate complaint I experienced all weekend with this card, but overall he was just too good not to give the full 5/5.   


Closing Words

I have been saving this review until after the 26th to see if EA pulled a madness and placed Dalglish in their top tier ICON Swaps.  This, of course, did not happen and so he must be bought on the market; bringing me back to my 4.5/5 value for coins rating.  There is no doubt Dalglish is currently one of the best cards in the game and ultimately he produces at the level that a 1.7 million coin card should.  However, if it were my coins I feel the 87 Dalglish offers just as much as the 90 and at a small discount of 200k coins.  In either case, they will not disappoint and King Kenny is FIFA royalty. Cheers for reading.



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