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FUT 22 Futties Allan Saint-Maximin Review

Futties Allan Saint-Maximin Review


The end is near, “FIFA in July,” but nothing quite spells the closing of yet another year long grind quite like a good ol’ fashioned Futties promo.  The re-release of some previous fan-favorite cards from past promos saw prices plummet to all time lows, while the introduction of some new objectives and SBCs certainly caught the eye.  For me, there was simply only one man that had to be on the review list… none other than Gucci man himself, Allan Saint-Maximin.  Having enjoyed the NIF version of the Newcastle talisman for countless matches I have been quick to use every version of this card throughout FIFA 21… previously I reviewed the FUT Freeze (which was a fantastic card but not quite what I hoped for overall) and now finishing it off with the Futties ASM SBC for good measure.  With such a wide range of amazing statistics it really only came down to the MARKSMAN chemistry style in the end… while ASM slotted in perfectly as the ST in my 4-2-2-2 formation.  In the end, Saint-Maximin was the flair and finesse all weekend long in the following squad: 

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 9.5/10
Pace Rating: 10/10
Dribbling Rating: 10/10
Shooting Rating: 10/10
Passing Rating: 10/10
Physical Rating: 9.5/10
Defending Rating: N/A

THIS! This is the card I thought we were getting when the FUT Freeze ASM fell into circulation.  I am sat here bouncing back and forth from a perfect 10/10 to a 9.5/10 rating overall and in the end, cooler heads will prevail and I will stop just short… but I am telling you this card has absolutely everything to justify a perfect rating.  With a wild stroke of luck, I packed FoF Vinícius Júnior in my upgrade pack and I feel like there is no better player to benchmark the quality of future reviews of forwards.   In the case of this review … If I had to put together a squad in a must win match, and I could only choose Futties ASM or FoF Vinícius … it is Futties ASM every day of the week for me.  While both cards are class, ASM just edges it in shooting quality and acceleration (which feels quicker despite what the statistics say) which are two keys to success leading the line.


Main Statistic – Pace

Pace Rating: 10/10
Dribbling Rating: 10/10
Skills: *****
Physical Rating: 9.5/10

I decided to lump these all together under the main statistics because it is where I think ASM literally runs away from the majority of similar level cards.  The 98 ACCELERATION & SPRINT SPEED is not quite “perfect” but they certainly feel that way in game.  I was surprised just how quick Saint-Maximin felt taking off from a standing still position, and then the ability to continue that pace at the top end is such a key feature.  Even better, it feels just the same when ASM is on the ball as well. The 99 AGILITY & 96 BALANCE are devastatingly crisp on the ball… with the 173cm | 5’8 frame bolstered further by the MARKSMAN boosted 90 REACTIONS & 99 BALL CONTROL.  The responsive left stick dribbling is up there with the absolute best that I have used this year and left many defenders grasping at shadows in and around the box.  In the odd occurrence that a defender did lay a hand to ASM, he does have a sneaky amount of physicality on and off the ball… 96 STRENGTH feels good, especially on the ball… and if you need proof, the last two clips in the video showcase Saint-Maximin holding off the likes of EOAE Ramos and FoF Militao who are both normally shutting those opportunities down. 


Main Attribute - “4* WEAK FOOT”

Shooting Rating: 10/10
Weak Foot: ****

While it is truly splitting hairs when discussing FoF Vinícius and Futties ASM in terms of Pace, Dribbling, & Passing etc.  The area that I truly felt Saint-Maximin dominated the “competition” was in the Shooting category.  This card might have a listed 4 STAR WEAK FOOT… but I can confirm, as will the video, that this card hits them like a 5 STAR on his left foot.  It is no wonder that the Shooting is class given the 98 FINISHING, 99 SHOT POWER & 99 LONG SHOTS.  The 96 POSITIONING is a nice added bonus, while the 90 COMPOSURE keeps ASM cool under pressure.  Even the 82 VOLLEYS came off with a stunning amount of power while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad 

Value/Coins Rating: 5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 5/5

500k is a lot at this stage in the cycle… but 2.2 million for FoF Vinícius is even more.  I realize that I am really hitting this comparison home, but I simply feel they are a perfect comparable on which to base your decisions.  For me, it was the complete package that really increased the value of Saint-Maximin.  The 8 assists only tell a small story of the incredible link up play that you can create with the 99 SHORT PASSING.  The Passing statistics are all around incredible with this card but if there was one small complaint, I might say that the 80 FREE KICK ACCURACY all but rules out the Frenchman as a key taker.  True, we normally will all have a go-to taker and this is not an issue… but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I would like one of these new and improved cards to be cracked from the dead ball as well.  However, these are the extremely fine margins that you have to go to in order to find flaws in this card.

What is there to say?  I seriously do not believe the card could be faster or more agile.  I enjoyed the fact that many opponents who enjoy running back their midfielders + AI defending soon found out that Saint-Maximin would strip them for pace causing endless problems with those tactics.  I enjoyed the fact that showing ASM to his left foot is a recipe for a top bins pile driver both inside and outside of the box.  I enjoyed the fact that despite not having the finesse trait, it sure felt like it was there throughout the review.  I enjoyed the fact that in July, yes, even in July… I wholeheartedly enjoyed using this card and getting the Allan Saint-Maximin I expected in December.


Closing Words

You absolutely must find the fodder to complete this belter of a card.  There is nothing else to say other than the fact that there are plenty of goals within the Frenchman’s boots.  Truthfully, the cost of fodder and the wide array of other options to complete is the only barrier I can see to completing this card.  The silky smooth dribbling is something to behold… while the fantastic finishing is off the charts on both feet.  While it seems like every card continues to eclipse the previous in terms of goals these past few weekends… I certainly think that any card will struggle to keep up with the 29 goals in 15 matches that Saint-Maximin managed to rack up in a very competitive Weekend League experience this time around.  I can’t say this firmly enough.. a must-try! Hoping you are all safe and well.  Cheers for reading.   



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