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FUT 22 Custom Tactics for 4-2-3-1

Custom Tactics for 4-2-3-1


I am not sure where I stand on FIFA 22 if I am honest.  There is one part of me that is positive that this is the best FIFA I have played in a few years.  The gameplay can be incredibly rewarding and overall I feel that it is relatively “fair.”  Yes you will still have those “wildly outshot your opponent and still lost matches”… but they feel less, dare I say, “scripted.”  However, there is always going to be a different meta style of play and this year has certainly seen the rise of over the top and on the ground through balls mixed with the comically dangerous finesse from distance.  In my mind, this is still a win as you can largely defend against these styles of play and the 4-2-3-1 has been my go to for nullifying these styles.  Yes, I did start the year in my traditional 4-2-2-2 and I still use it frequently (let me know in the comments if you would like those as well)... but this year the 4-2-3-1 has felt like a better balance for me and has really pushed me towards getting better at the game.  Here is why: 


Why 4-2-3-1?

If you are like me then one of the most dangerous moments you face in every match is your own offensive corners. Countless times I whip in a beautiful ball… VVD rises up like a majestic salmon out of the water… gets outleaped by Kante… my opponent wins the knockdown… and 10 seconds later Mendy is grabbing the ball out of my net.  Counter attacks in FIFA 22 are ruthlessly lethal and if you are not prepared to constantly defend them then it is lights out.  One thing I have enjoyed most about these tactics is that for the majority of the time I have felt incredibly confident against the counter… the balance in the team allows for attacking opportunities while the double CDM combo in the center of the pitch makes breaking the lines for counters all the more difficult for my opponents.




Play Style

In FIFA 21 I used this formation as more of a defensive option with a more reserved playing style in mind.  In FIFA 22 I have thrown everything forward in an attempt to be defensively secure in the back… while running riot on the counter attack myself.  The STAY FORWARD instructions on the CAMs would make it seem like they are standing at half waiting for a ball out… but in reality, they still track back rather nicely.  The issue for my opponents is if they want to play their LB or RB into space... I have the numbers to deal with their attack, yet my LAM and RAM remain waiting behind them and are prepared to get on the front foot the second the ball is released.



If you remember my previous tactics it is always a narrow option leaving room for the wingers to run into space down the wing away from would be challenges rather than starting there.   Additionally, the channels are provided for the striker to stretch defenses and really advance your squad up the pitch with one simple pass.  Finally, the Get in the Box instructions work even better the more central the starting position of your LAM and RAM… providing additional bodies in dangerous areas.  From a defensive perspective if you are going to allow space to your opponent it is better on the wing than in the center of the pitch bearing down on your keeper.



I love, love, love high depth and it has been a staple in my playing style for three or four years now.  Unfortunately in this FIFA, it is simply an impractical option given the through ball meta that currently exists.  With a 45-55 depth, I have found that my players are still willing to step up and play a high line in my opponent's half when needed and appropriate.  Yet at the same time are moving back into position quickly enough to protect against the majority of over the top moves.  I won’t lie… I still get caught out.  But it is nowhere near as bad as when I started the game out at 75 depth… which was insane.


Player Instructions

ST: Clinical/Quick, Finisher Required → Bal. Width - Get In Behind - Normal Int. - Bal. Support
CAM: Pace, Solid Dribbling, 4+ Weak Foot → Stay Forward - Balanced - Stick Position - Normal Int.
LAM: Left Footed, High Stamina → Stay Forward - Get in Box - Stick Position - Normal Int. 
RAM: Right Footed, High Stamina → Stay Forward - Get in Box - Stick Position - Normal Int.
* Note: I start this way but will change LAM & RAM to balanced in difficult matches

CDM #1: Magician, Ball Player → Bal. Def. - Bal. Attack - Normal Int. - Cover Center - Stick Pos.
CDM #2: Defensive Specialist → Bal. Def. - Stay Back Attack - Normal Int. - Cover Center - Stick Pos.
LB: Left Footed → Stay Back Attack - Normal Int. - Mixed Attack
RB: Right Footed → Stay Back Attack - Normal Int. - Mixed Attack
* Note: I have been leaving certain RB/LB on Balanced Attack with Overlapping Runs with amazing results.  This only works for some players.  Alphonso Davies for instance gets too far forward with these instructions and I can’t use them.  However, RTTK Robertson does brilliantly.  Try them for a match and it will be clear if they work well or need to be brought back to Stay Back While Attacking.

CB: → Stay Back Attacking - Normal Int.
GK: Come Crosses - Balanced



There they are and I hope that they work for you with the same effectiveness they have for me.  I know for myself that across the weekend I will tinker with minor details such as the depth, width and the different instructions that I just overviewed.  The key is finding that balance that allows you to enjoy a fluent attacking style without pulling your hair out defensively.  This set of tactics and instructions has been the one to do that for me so far in FIFA 22.  Let me know what you are running in the comments… if you try these out I would love to hear your experience and any changes you have made. Hoping you are safe and well.  Cheers for reading.

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