FROM 0 TO 1,000,000 COINS - PART III


75,000 - 125,000 (+ 50,000 Weekly)

Hello again everybody and welcome back to part number three in our 0-1,000,000 coins guide! If you have been following along so far, you should comfortably be at around 75,000 coins and flying, however from this point onwards the work becomes that little bit harder. Stay with us though as once you nail a couple of these lower tier trading methods, everything will start falling into place!

Again, if you get confused along the way or struggle to visualise how any of this works, a YouTube series where I follow this guide can be found here:
👉 ImADuckQuack YouTube channel

Marquee Matchups (MM)

Like always, we will start with the absolute basics and work our way up from there.

What Is MM?

Marquee Matchups is a weekly SBC that EA release on a Tuesday. The challenge itself commonly consists of 4 parts, each providing an individual reward, as well as an additional prize for completing the set.

The SBC gets its name due to the nature of the challenges included. Each of the 4 parts revolve around a real life match taking place in the footballing world that week. The games are commonly picked due to carrying some sort of importance, for example:

Two top sides in the league.
A historic derby or rivalry between the clubs.
An important match between two clubs at the top of the table.

While these give us a solid foundation when making predictions, it is important to note that EA have been a lot more unpredictable this year and hence predicting correctly has consequently become tougher.

The formula for each challenge consists of an 11 player squad, needing X players from the clubs featured. If EA are feeling generous they could demand just 1 player from both clubs combined, while at other times we have seen them require 2 players from each featured club. Small factors like this can have a surprisingly large effect on just how profitable your investments turn out.

Why Can MM Be Profitable For Us?

Whenever a new SBC drops, a huge influx of players suddenly require the cards required in order to complete the challenge. While they may not always be profitable or worthwhile, one thing we can ensure is that demand will always start extremely high for these players.

Now depending on how people have invested and the actual requirements (how many players are needed), we find ourselves with either a very profitable or break even investment at worst. The likelihood is that we make profit on all investments if we sell quickly enough (before the market becomes saturated) and provided we correctly predict of course! Cards will be bought from the market faster than those who invested can list them and hence a small window of inflated prices is created almost every time.

Like we mention above, most of the time supply is greater than demand, which puts an invisible price cap on just how high prices can go. If there are enough cards available to meet everyone’s needs, listing your card above the market price is practically ensuring it doesn’t sell, this is something we commonly see with gold players, those who are frequently packed.

So what happens when demand outweighs supply? I’ll give you an example, one which will help you decide on whether selling at any given time is correct. 

Earlier in the year we saw an SBC from the A-League. Both sides were made up of just Bronze and Silver cards, immediately reducing the supply. On top of this, EA set the requirements to “2 players from team A and 2 players from team B”. As you can imagine, prices sky rocketed and they very quickly hit their price cap of 10,000 coins remaining there for almost the entire week. Demand was greater than supply and supply was never given a chance to catch up. Selling early here could lose you profit, holding was the correct decision.

Now just the other week we saw yet another game from the A-League feature in this SBC. Once again both teams were made up of mainly Bronze and Silver cards and hence everybody expected the same inflation of prices. These cards hit around 1,500-2,000 coins in the build up to the release and then extremely briefly hit around 6,000 coins upon release, before very quickly dropping back to less than 900 coins a piece. The difference this time, EA asked for “1 player from EITHER team A or team B”.

All of these cards are deemed as useless prior to the build up for these challenges, they are sold for discard. Learning when to buy and when to sell is what can make you your millions.

When Should We Invest In MM?

It’s only logical that the earlier you invest, the cheaper the prices are while the later you invest, the more inflated they become. The logic behind this is simple:

When you invest early you are simply buying cards with virtually no value. It is unlikely they are needed in another SBC or hold high demand on the market normally and hence usually sell for on or around their discard price.

Now, when you begin investing later and later, effectively you are still buying useless cards that have no real value. You are buying into a theory, you are buying hope, hope that these cards will be required and hence turn you a profit. The difference here is that you are no longer paying their discard price and hence removing risk, now you are paying the premium price that other investors have set. You are buying other peoples investments, you are what gives them their profits.

Hype is a major market mover within any form of investments, if you can get in early enough then you will be selling on hype, instantly removing that need to roll the dice as you are already securing a profit prior to the SBC even dropping.

To summarise, get in early enough so that prices are still at their typical market value, but not so early that you simply clog up transfer spaces.

What Makes A Good MM Investment?

The most important thing to remember is that just because you value something at X price, it doesn’t mean others do too. For example, a lot of older cars hold a premium price tag due to the rarity of them in this day and age. While some people would happily pay that premium price, personally I would much rather spend my money on a new car, complete with warranty, guarantees etc. People value things differently, and that’s absolutely fine!

Now just because I personally won’t be buying this old and expensive car, it doesn’t mean that thousands of others won’t either. It’s actually the sheer volume of others that desire this vehicle that pushes the price up so high, demand outweighs supply and people develop FOMO (fear of missing out).

This is the exact pattern that the majority of bronze/silver players follow. These packs are opened a lot less frequently than gold packs and hence supply is much lower, leaving them fetching that premium price tag if demand were to rise. As the event gets nearer, more and more people start attempting to prepare last minute, buying these cards for that premium price while those who got in early are laughing all the way to the bank.

Now the reason that this type of investment is so fantastic, simply relies on the fact that prices will rise whether or not the match in question is actually included. Investors can safely sell during the hype, hours before the SBC even lands.

Once in a while, those investments you sold in the hype will be required and they will hit maximum price. Please don’t get frustrated that you sold to early, instead remember every other time you sold in the hype and they weren’t included.

Teams that have a wide variety of gold players also carry a fantastic and unique investment opportunity. The supply is so wide for most of these cards, that it instantly becomes fairly simple to win them on bids or sniping for below their market value. Now when the SBC drops, if these cards aren’t needed, we are still making profit anyway!

I would always advise mixing investments between 2-4 different games, this gives you a much higher chance of success if you decide to hold but also allows you to have investments riding over if you sell a handful in the hype. Diversify and spread the risk.

Now while these next few tips may not make you rich, every tiny, little advantage we can create, is one that we will always happily take:

If you can buy an 80 rated and 76 rated both for discard, the higher rated card almost always carries more value.

Non-rare gold cards and rare gold cards will usually find themselves selling at the same price if an SBC requiring them drops. 99% of the time, the non-rare cards are cheaper and hence can generate us that extra profit.

Not all formations require fullbacks, while every formation requires a centre back. Basic logic like this can also help you get ahead, think outside the box.

When Do We Sell Our MM Investments?

Now this area has been covered throughout the sections above, however a summary can never hurt.

If you got in early and prices have risen to a nice and profitable level, sell up, remove the risk and get out.

If you invested late and you bought at a premium price, then you bought these players expecting them to make the SBC. If they don’t make it, aim to sell amongst all the other panic sellers and if they do, quickly work out a rough market value and offload accordingly.

If you bought early, have nice profit, but believe either prices will rise more in hype or the SBC will require these cards, then ensure you have sound reasoning alongside a backup plan if this fails.

Guaranteed profit will always outweigh potential profit. The traders that slowly fill their pot with small profits, will almost always achieve more than those that are constantly searching for their fortune at the end of the rainbow.

How Can We Make Coins After MM Is Released?

Ok so we made our investments, sold some on hype, sold some upon release, but either way the event is done and hence profit time is over, right?

Wrong. This could potentially be the biggest and best opportunity to make coins around MM this week!

After the event drops we suddenly see thousands of people scrambling to gather the cards required to complete the SBC. The majority of players don’t invest, the majority of players won’t prepare and hence sufficient demand will remain for these cards. The other bonus is that a large proportion of players won’t know or care about MM and therefore will continue to list these now expensive cards, for rock bottom prices. This is where round 2 of profit comes in, sniping and mass bidding on these cards. Luckily it won’t take you long, but it’s extremely important you put the effort in:

Which teams prices have risen the most? Is it certain positions only? 
Is it a certain nationality that bumps the price up? 
Have all players from the league risen? Have all players in a set position from the league risen? 
What about nationalities in that league? 

After answering some of these, we will find our potential targets for sniping or mass bidding, the last thing we will need to consider is the viability of these filters. We need to ensure that if mass bidding we have plenty of options to bid on, possibly a couple of filters we can rotate through to ensure maximum efficiency. While if sniping we want to ensure that we are constantly receiving results, now I don’t mean we have to be winning them all, but you want these cards to be appearing fairly frequently.

The key here is to not get greedy! If you are aiming for a couple of hundred coins profit on your filter, you will win plenty of cards that give you this small margin but you will also see all the others that yield a much higher return. The small profits add up quickly, never overlook this!

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