Interview with England Player, MHaywxrd

England star Mitchell Hayward mainly known as, ‘Mitch / MHaywxrd’ sits down with FUTBIN to discuss his goals and expectations going into the FIFAe Nations with England. The media attention has been building up over the past weeks on this England team at the FIFAe Nations with a talented 3 player roster of Tekkz, Tom Leese and Mitch.

This tournament will be heavily reliant on working towards each players strengths and the teamwork of all players to get the best performances out on the field. Mitch discusses with us his role as a substitute player and the small factors that are important to maintain success.

Staying sharp as a substitute player is a crucial part of Mitch’s journey as he is ready to jump in and maintain the highest level of ability possible.


Mitch spoke on England’s expectations alongside Tekkz and Tome Leese and the expectations that they all put on each other while competing in games and tournaments:

“Our full expectations is to win every game, to win the group and ultimately win the whole tournament so we don’t go into any game thinking we can lose or that we are not expected to win, we believe as a team that we are the best”

England are placed in Group A for this tournament being paired up against Denmark, Scotland. Argentina, Brazil, and Singapore as they start off the tournament against Brazil.

Will the FIFAe Nations ‘come home’ to England? FUTBIN will be following along all the FIFAe Nations results and posting updates daily!