Ones To Watch (OTW) FIFA 23: Latest Promo News, Release Date & Predictions

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, and the first promo you can expect to see in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is none other than Ones To Watch (OTW).

First released in FIFA 17, Ones To Watch has been a fan favourite promo at the start of the FUT cycle for several years, releasing dynamic, live items for newly transferred players that upgrade depending on their real-world performances.

Here’s all the latest news you need to know regarding the FUT 23 Ones To Watch event, and be sure to check out our FIFA 23 Ones To Watch (OTW) Prediction here.

Ones To Watch Promo - Latest News

06 September - Darwin Núñez, Raheem Sterling & Richarlison confirmed as Ones To Watch Items

Courtesy of @EASportsFIFA, Núñez, Sterling & Richarlison have all been announced as Ones To Watch items in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, joining their Premier League counterpart Erling Haaland in the OTW Class of 2022.

23 August - Erling Haaland confirmed as the first Ones To Watch item

Courtesy of @EASportsFIFA, Man City’s new #9 has been announced as the first Ones To Watch item for FIFA 23.

What is the Ones To Watch Promo?

Ones To Watch is the first event you can expect to see released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and focuses on some of the biggest transfers over the summer.

OTW cards are dynamic, live items that upgrade throughout the real-world footballing season depending on how the players in question perform for their new club.

Last year in FIFA 22, Ones To Watch featured a total of 35 players, including:

  • 14 Players in OTW Team 1

  • 14 Players in OTW Team 2

  • 5 Players in Squad Building Challenges

  • 2 Players in Objectives

You can view all the FIFA 22 Ones To Watch cards here

Ones To Watch Promo Release Date

Ones To Watch is the first event of the FUT 23 cycle, and you can expect OTW Team 1 to be released on Friday September 30th, coinciding with the full release of FIFA 23.

The OTW promo has historically been released on the same day as the full release of FIFA, and we expect to see the same pattern this year in FIFA 23.

How Do Ones To Watch Players Upgrade?

Ones To Watch cards are live items, meaning they can upgrade throughout the FUT 23 cycle, and in FIFA 23, there are more ways than ever for OTW cards to receive an upgrade.

OTW cards are upgraded if the player in question receives a performance-based special card, such as an In-Form from being included in the Team of the Week, or a Man of the Match card for cup competitions. In this case, the OTW card is upgraded to the rating of the new In-Form or MOTM card.

The ‘Wins To Watch’ upgrade also returns for FUT 23, following its introduction in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Based on the OTW players’ team performance, they will be eligible for a one-time upgrade if their team wins 3 out of their next 8 domestic league games, starting from September 30. It’s worth mentioning that OTW players do not have to feature in the games for them to count towards the Wins to Watch upgrade.

Finally, for the first time ever, OTW upgrades will be tied to the FIFA World Cup 2022, with ‘Nations To Watch’. OTW Players will be eligible for a further one-time upgrade if their national team wins 1 game at the FIFA World Cup 2022, and once again, they do not have to feature in the game, or even be apart of their respective national teams to be eligible for the upgrade.

Ones To Watch Card Design

The Ones To Watch card design has already been announced for FIFA 23, alongside other designs such as the Common Gold, Rare Gold, Gold In-Form, Icon, Hero & World Cup Hero cards.

Who Are Ones To Watch In FIFA 23?

Erling Haaland, Darwin Núñez, Raheem Sterling & Richarlison have already been confirmed as an OTW card in FIFA 23 by EA on social media, but there are still plenty of names to be confirmed.

Rumours have been circulating suggesting that FC Barcelona’s new talisman Robert Lewandowski could be in the running for receiving a card, with his attacking replacement Sadio Mane at Bayern also being speculated. 

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Who do you want to see as a Ones To Watch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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