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FIFA 23 FUT Centurions Promo News, Predictions, Release Date & More

FUT Centurions is confirmed to be the next event upcoming in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, following on from the popular Winter Wildcards promotion that’s been ongoing since December 23rd.

As we head into 2023, and the countdown to the highly popular Team of the Year event begins to increase, Centurions will likely be the final destination before we see those impressive blue cards in packs once again.

Let’s take a dive into all the latest news, predictions & content you can expect to see during the Centurions event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FUT Centurions Confirmed - January 4th

The FUT Centurions Event has been confirmed as the next promotion coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with the loading screen confirming its release.



What is FUT Centurions?

FUT Centurions is a new promo for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, that hasn’t been previously released before in FUT.

While news on the promo is limited, the rumour is that the FUT Centurions event will be in some way themed around the number 100, with some speculation that it may be focused on players with over 100 caps for their country, 100 goals/assists, 100 clean sheets, or players with impressive longevity in their careers.

Stay tuned to find out exactly what you can expect to see from the FUT Centurions event!


FUT Centurions Release Date

With Winter Wildcards ending this Friday, expect FUT Centurions to kick off in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on Friday January 6th.

So far, it’s unclear as to whether FUT Centurions will be a one or two-week event.


FUT Centurions Card Design

The FUT Centurions card design was added previously in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, featuring the number 100 & a very royal-looking design, not too far removed from TOTY designs we’ve seen in the past..



FUT Centurions Predictions & Rumours

FUT Centurions, if we assume the theme of 100+ club & national team appearances, along with 100+ goals, assists or other impressive long term achievements, could be a great opportunity to see some older players receiving some exciting new FUT items.

It’s worth mentioning if we’re looking at “fastest players to 100 goals, assists, international appearances, a lot is dominated by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi & various Icons - such as Alan Shearer (quickest to 100 Premier League goals) - so we’ll be taking a look at some record holders, but also players with over 100 goals/assists/appearances etc.

Starting off in goal, a position sometimes underused in FUT Promotions, we have Manuel Neuer, the fastest goalkeeper to reach 100 Bundesliga clean sheets - who seems to be a solid inclusion.

For our defender options, we have 3 inclusions. First off, we’ll start with John Stones, who was a part of Manchester City’s 100-point campaign in the 2017-18 season. 

Secondly, we predict Pepe to feature, who not only featured in Real Madrid’s 100-point 2011-12 season, but also has over 100 Champions League appearances (112) and over 100 caps for Portugal (133).

For our final CB inclusion, we’ve gone for Belgium’s most-capped international, Jan Vertonghen with well over 100 caps for his country (145).

Moving into the midfield, we’ve decided to include some Arsenal past-and-present possibilities, with Granit Xhaka being Switzerland’s 4th most capped international and current captain, with 111 caps, as well as Cesc Fabregas, currently playing in Serie B, who is the record holder for being the fastest player to reach 100 Premier League assists.

Going up in the ratings, we’ve had to include Marco Reus, a FUT fan favourite, who has over 100 goals (156) and 100 assists (118) in the Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund.

 Neymar could be the headline star in the FUT Centurions promotion, being the youngest Brazilian to reach 100 caps for his country.

Moving onto the attackers we may see featured in FUT Centurions, Jamie Vardy could get in off the basis that he has well over 100 Premier League goals (134).

Alexis Sanchez could be seeing a return to some of the quality seen in his old Arsenal FIFA cards if he receives a FUT Centurions card for having over 100 caps for Chile (152).

Finally, we’d love to see a Zlatan Ibrahimovic FUT Centurions item to honour his incredible career. Being one of a small selection of players to have over 100 goals in more than 1 of Europe’s top five leagues, with 155 in Serie A and 113 in Ligue 1, coupled with his 100+ caps for Sweden, being their leading all-time international goal scorer.



FUT Centurions Content Predictions

As can be expected with most events, expect FUT Centurions to deliver heavily on content, with daily updates across the board.

Here’s what you can expect to see in FUT Centurions in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Store Packs & Lightning Rounds

Promo Packs are even more readily available this year, and this will undoubtedly continue into FUT Centurions, with everything from Premium Gold Players Packs to Ultimate Packs and everything in between, plus a few new packs that we’re yet to see!

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Upgrade SBCs will also feature, with Player Picks likely given the 78+ Triple Upgrade Packs we saw this week for Winter Wildcards. Also keep an eye out for some themed FUT Centurion SBCs for packs.

FUT Centurions Player SBCs & Objectives

FUT Centurions Player SBCs, and potentially some Flashback SBCs to players that had impressive achievements previously in their career could be a key feature, in addition to the regularly release Objective cards.

Icon/Hero Packs or Player Picks

As can be expected now on a weekly basis, keep an eye out for another Icon or Hero SBC for a chance at hitting some top Icons/Heroes.


Check back soon to see the latest FUT Centurions news.

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