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FIFA 23 Team of the Year (TOTY) Icons Latest News & Predictions

Team of the Year is edging ever closer, with the event kicking off next week in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

As the excitement builds, we’ve seen more and more rumours for what may be dropping during the fan-favourite TOTY promotion, including, wait for it… TOTY Icons.



As tweeted by @Fut_scoreboard, the latest FUT code updates suggest TOTY Icons may be featured in some capacity in the near future.

Now, before we all get carried away, let us highlight, that nothing is 100% confirmed. TOTY Icons could feature as Tifos, kits, other cosmetic items, as well as what we’re all looking forward to, specific new cards.

What are Team of the Year Icons?

The simple answer, we do not know yet.

There is speculation that TOTY Icons could go a number of routes, including:

  • Special TOTY Icon versions of Icons that have received a TOTY previously in FIFA, such as Philipp Lahm in FIFA 14 & 15 & Wayne Rooney in FIFA 12

  • TOTY Icons of players previously included in the FIFPro World XI - such as Andrea Pirlo & Rio Ferdinand

  • TOTY Icons of previous Ballon D’or winners, including Kaka & Ronaldinho


Team of the Year Icons Prediction

Without further ado, let’s dive into our predictions for Team of the Year Icons, looking specifically at players that have received TOTY items in past FIFA titles.

Check out @FUTCONCEPTS on Twitter for more incredible concept card designs!


Casillas - GK - 93 OVR 

While we’ve tried to avoid players that have recently been included in World Cup Icons, there’s only one potential candidate for a TOTY Icon Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.

Featuring in the FIFPro World XI in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, with TOTY items in the correlating FIFA titles, Casillas would be the perfect option for a TOTY Icon.

A true mainstay in FUT TOTY squads of years past.



Nemanja Vidić - CB - 91 OVR

Moving into the defence, one standout option that had one of the best CB items of all time in our opinion, Nemanja Vidić

He may have only had one TOTY card in FIFA 12 from his inclusion in the 2011 FIFPro World XI, but what a card it was!



Philipp Lahm - RB - 94 OVR

As we’ve already mentioned, Philipp Lahm is another obvious shout for a TOTY icon card, following his consecutive TOTY items in FIFA 14 & 15.

Always a super versatile option, we’d love to see an updated take on Lahm’s Moments Icon cards of previous years, with the ability to play as a RB as well as in midfield.



Xabi Alonso - CM - 91 OVR

Into the midfield, we go, with a new icon addition for FIFA 23, Xabi Alonso.

While his initial release of cards may have been slightly underwhelming, the TOTY Icon is a chance to bring Alonso into the limelight.

Two consecutive years of icon inclusions in FIFA 12 & 13 stand him in good stead for receiving a special TOTY Icon card.



Steven Gerrard - CM - 92 OVR

We’re rolling back the years with this card, all the way back to FIFA 10, where Steven Gerrard was awarded a midfield place in the 2009 FIFPro World XI, next to Iniesta & Xavi.

English Icons are typically among those that we prefer not to be seeing in our Icon Packs, however a Gerrard card like this would most likely change that.



Xavi - CM - 95 OVR

How could we not mention Xavi when talking Team of the Year?

The midfield maestro featured in 6 consecutive FIFPro World XI squads, receiving numerous TOTY items in FUT, with his 97 rated FIFA 12 item being the pick of the bunch.

With so many TOTY inclusions, it seems fair that he should receive a huge boost, with some of the best passing stats we’ll see this year in FUT 23.



Fernando Torres - ST - 92 OVR

Finding forwards to go into this prediction was no easy task considering the domination of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of the past 15 years, but Fernando Torres does fit the bill!

FIFPro World XI inclusions in 2008 & 2009, with a FIFA 10 card that’s fitting of a TOTY Icon make him a solid selection.



Wayne Rooney - ST - 93 OVR

We end off our main prediction with the FIFA 12 cover star, Wayne Rooney, who earned his 95 rated TOTY card alongside, you guessed it, Ronaldo and Messi.

An easy choice for a TOTY Icon prediction, we hope Wazza joins this illustrious group of players that may be getting released into packs soon.



Additional TOTY Icons Predictions

Before we leave you to salivate over all the potential TOTY Icons we could be seeing soon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, let’s wet your appetite a little more with some additional suggestions, all of which have been included in FIFPro World XI’s of old, some of which have even lifted the coveted Ballon D’or.

Some of whom however, did so before the inception of FIFA Ultimate Team.

Paolo Maldini - 2005 FIFPro World XI

Ronaldinho - Ballon D’or Winner 2005 | 2005, 2006 & 2007 FIFPro World XI

Thierry Henry - 2006 FIFPro World XI

Kaka - Ballon D’or Winner 2007 | 2006, 2007 & 2008 FIFPro World XI

Carles Puyol 2008 & 2010 FIFPro World XI

Andrea Pirlo - 2006 FIFPro World XI

Rio Ferdinand - 2008 FIFPro World XI



Let us know if you’re excited to see TOTY Icons in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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