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Marseille vs Lyon

First up this week we head over to France where we find Olympique de Marseille playing hosts to Olympique Lyonnais in a derby known as “Choc de Olympiques”. Investments here are nice and straight forward, both teams have plenty of gold players available, so we want to be looking at the best rating possible for discard prices.

Villarreal vs Atletico Madrid

Over to the La Liga now where we find a match between 5th place Villarreal and 2nd place Atletico Madrid. While this match may not be a derby, we have seen EA include a whole heap of games between top tier clubs and with the lack of a La Liga fixture in the past week, this has an outside chance. This being said, games like these are usually less likely to feature and while it may be worth grabbing a handful of players, this doesn’t feel like an “all-in” kind of fixture.

Porto vs Boavista

Portugal is our next stop, where we find Porto playing hosts to Boavista in a derby known as “Derby Da Invicta”. Both sides originate from the same area and while Porto is a much larger club, matches like these are often fuelled by desire and fully capable of providing an upset! Investments here should be nice and simple again, plenty of gold players around, just ensure you aim for discard prices!

Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray

Over to Turkey now where we find 4th place Fenerbahçe playing hosts to top of the table Galatasaray. Not only does this match hold significance due to their current league standings, but it also ticks the box for being a massive derby. The “Intercontinental Derby” is the name given to the fixture between these two sides and is also known as the “Eternal Rivalry” featuring the two most successful sides in the league. Plenty of golds available once again, you guys know what to do!

Basaksehir vs Besiktas

Staying in the Super Lig now where we find 2nd place Basaksehir playing hosts to 3rd place Besiktas. Like we mentioned before, games towards the top of the table often creep into the SBC and with everything to play for, this match certainly fits the bill. Investments here are nice and simple again, plenty of golds, just be smart. Keep in mind that we have two suggestions from this league and only one can feature!

Poznan vs Gdansk

Over to Poland now where we finally find a match with a whole load of potential. Poznan play hosts to Gdańsk in this rivalry, and the bonus we have here is the distinct lack of gold players available. This isn’t a league we see feature often and with the majority of players being silver or bronze, we have plenty of potential f we are buying at discard. Same rules apply here as usual, buy for discard and sell into the hype for safety.

Limerick vs Cork

Our final selection this week sees us heading over to Ireland where we find 7th place Limerick play hosts to top of the table Cork. This derby goes by the name of the “Munster Derby” and has to be my personal favourite of the week. Investing here should be done as close to discard as possible and while prices may rocket if included, selling into the hype provides that safety net and ensures you some profit at least!

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