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FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions Are Here!

Saving coins when completing Squad Building Challenges is something we all want to do, but with the ever-changing prices of cards, it’s hard to know which players to use and which are the cheapest ways to complete SBCs.

Well we’ve got just the solution for you, in fact, we’ve got plenty.

Introducing FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions!



What are FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions?

Our new feature, AI solutions, is a tool that finds you the cheapest possible solution to any SBC at any given time.

The FUBTIN AI is constantly reacting to the market and changing to bring you up-to-date prices as soon as they’re available.

FUTBIN AI Solutions are the cheapest and most reliable way of completing SBCs in FIFA 23. 

How To Use FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions

If you’re a regular user of FUTBIN and have used our solutions in the past then this is no different. Head over to the completed challenges as normal where you will be greeted AI built solutions as well as our community solutions. 

For those who haven’t used FUTBIN for SBC solutions before, here is how to use them with our new AI feature. 

Step 1 – Select the Active SBCs tab under the SBC dropdown on the home page.

Step 2- Choose which SBC you’d like to complete

Step 3 – Select ‘Completed Challenges’.

Step 4 – View the top result.

Step 5 – Load up FIFA and buy the players

It’s as easy as that!

As you can see, as soon as you enter the solutions page there are plenty of AI squads that are bringing you the cheapest players to use. Prices will fluctuate over time but the FUTBIN AI will always find you the cheapest solution for each SBC. 



Are FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions Reliable?

FUTBIN is committed to providing you with the cheapest, most accurate, and most reliable SBC Solutions possible. This means that the price we show is as close as possible to the price you can actually buy each player for on the FUT market.

Can we still post user-created SBC Solutions?

Absolutely! While FUTBIN AI Solutions are always available for every SBC, you, the FUTBIN Community can still create and post solutions. Let’s see if you can beat the FUTBIN AI!

What makes FUTBIN AI Solutions better than other SBC Solutions?

Reliability and accuracy.

FUTBIN’s accurate pricing data means that when we show you an SBC solution at 10,000 coins, you pay 10,000 coins, or at least VERY close to it. We will always try to offer the most accurate data possible.

Gone are the days of seeing an SBC solution marked at a certain price, only to find that 1 or 2 players have increased in price dramatically, raising the overall cost of the SBC you’re trying to complete.


If you have any questions regarding FUTBIN AI SBC Solutions, comment below and we’ll continue to add to this FAQ section.

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