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FIFA 23 99 Moments Jude Bellingham Player Review - COP or FLOP?

Hey Jude… Don’t make it bad. Take your TOTS card and make it better. That’s right, a 99 Jude Bellingham has finally landed with EA releasing a Player Moments Bellingham card with him of course playing for Real Madrid.

What I thought would be a pretty quiet day after of course an insane Henry card dropping, EA dropped another bomb of content with THE best midfielder in the game. Bellingham has been storming the Spanish league so far and hopefully, there is more to come.

You can check out the card here!

Now there is a downside to this card. You may have noticed that unfortunately, we are past the “premium chem” stage for cards. Whilst I don’t have a major issue with this, because after all we probably have been spoilt by this and soon enough should get back to being used to getting chem. It does mean that this card may/ may not slot straight into your squads.

The cost of this insane Bellingham card however is coming in at a steady 960k coins at the time of completion. Prices of course are fluctuating massively at the moment but of course, this can easily be completed via the 84+ and 85+ x10 SBCs

Here are the following segments to unlock the SBC:

#1 - Real Madrid
# of Players from Real Madrid - Min. 1
TOTW/ TOTS Players - Min. 1
Squad Rating - 88
Pack Return - Premium Electrum Players Pack

#2 - England
# of Players from England - Min. 1
Squad Rating - 89
Pack Return - Premium Mixed Players Pack

#3 - LaLiga
# of Players from La Liga Santander - Min. 1
TOTW/ TOTS Players - Min. 1
Squad Rating - 90
Pack Return - Prime Electrum Players Pack

#4 - 90-Rated Squad
Squad Rating - 90
Pack Return - Prime Electrum Players Pack

#5 - 90-Rated Squad
Squad Rating - 90
Pack Return - Prime Electrum Players Pack

#6 - 91-Rated Squad
Squad Rating - 91
Pack Return - Rare Mixed Players Pack

#7 - 91-Rated Squad
Squad Rating - 91
Pack Return - Rare Mixed Players Pack

#8 - 92-Rated Squad
Squad Rating - 92
Pack Return - Rare Electrum Players Pack

So as I mentioned, this card doesn’t come with premium chemistry. Which for some may mean moving the squad around slightly. However, there are many La Liga items that offer very good chem boosts to this card. Some of those are items featured in today’s squad, such as; Futties Vini J, Futties Llorente, Futties Capdevila and Futties Lewandowski. There are plenty of cards out there that will offer great chemistry to this card so I don’t feel it’s a massive issue.

For the chosen Chemstyle, I opted for the Anchor chem as this really completes the card to be incredibly well-rounded. But as I have mentioned in previous articles, at this stage, chemstyles really don’t matter as much.

How did he perform in-game?

+ Physicals as a whole on this card was really good, he muscled off players constantly. Stamina of course was no issue and he played very aggressively, owning the midfield.
+ Dribbling of course was really good on this card, mix that in with the high strength and you just cannot get the ball off of him.
+ It’s no shock that passing was also extremely good on this card, especially the crossing.
/ Whilst he certainly isn’t slow, he was being caught up by a lot of other players through the games due to so many cards having high 90-pace stats.
/ Shooting was something a little inconsistent for me. Despite having 97 shot power and 92 long shots, as well as the finesse shot trait. I found it difficult to find the net from outside the box, which although isn’t needed in a box-to-box midfielder, it did mean when he was in the perfect position outside of the box, your options are to either pass it or press into the box.

Jude Bellingham - Cop or Flop?

If you are in need of a box-to-box midfielder who can literally do anything and play near enough everywhere. Jude is your man. The guy can literally take a sad song and make it better. Yesterday I said that Henry was one of the best Strikers in the game. Well, today I am telling you, Jude is the best midfielder in this game.

It’s incredibly likely that you have some La Liga players with premium chemistry attached to them, which means putting this card into your squad really should not be a problem. This card will absolutely complete your squad. The only thing that is a shame is that he doesn’t have more positions available but really he will be best suited in the CM role.

Without a doubt, this is a must complete!

Verdict = COP


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