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The Best FC 24 Evolutions Combinations

Evolutions are hands down the greatest addition to Ultimate Team potentially ever. Not only do they allow us to create some super meta cards through grinding objectives (Llorente, Gvardiol etc), but it also gives us the opportunity to get some of our favourite lower rated cards up to an extremely usable level and just creates some really crazy cards. We’ve compiled some of the best Evolution combinations which includes an 82 rated with 99 passing, and a 61 rated striker who’s shooting has been boosted to 93!


Johannes Geis - Pacey Protector > Centurions Centre Back > Trailblazer Centre Back

We’re starting big, we’re starting with 99 Passing. That’s right, after just 3 Evolutions, Johannes Geis has his passing increased by 24 and up to 99. The rest of the card is decent, with 82 Defending and 86 Physical but the 68 does let it down a little bit.  Admittedly the card isn’t great and we can’t imagine many people have this card but if you do, it’s a really cool one to have in your club. 

Joel Anker - Welcome to Evolutions > Relentless Winger > Golden Glow Up I > Centurions Attacking Mid > Centurions Box to Box 

Not only does Joel Anker make the list because of this unreal card, but also the insane amount of Evolution combinations! To start off with, there are 7 different paths you can take to unlock an 87 Anker version, but he also has 130 different Evolution combinations. We believe that’s the most although there might be one out there with even more! 

Copete - Pacey Protector > Trailblazer Centre Back

Copete is the only player on the list who isn’t benefited by any of the Centurion Evolutions, but he does hold the highest defensive stat of any Evolution player at 89. 80 Pace, 89 Defending and 85 Physical is a great card to have in La Liga teams especially knowing he’s been boosted from a 75 Rated with only 57 Pace!

Martin Baturina - Welcome to Evolutions > Golden Glow Up I > Centurions Attacking Mid > Centurions Box to Box 

As with plenty of these cards, as they’ve been evolved from a lower rating, the links aren’t the best but it’s still a really cool card. In fact only it’s Ronaldinho who has a higher dribbling stat than Baturina in FC 24!

Zidane Iqbal - Welcome to Evolutions > Golden Glow Up I > Centurions Attacking Mid > Centurions Box to Box 

Our next player is in the list for the exact same reason and goes through the exact same Evolution path. Zidane Iqbal also has 94 dribbling and a really nice card. Fortunately his links are a little better with plenty of cool Eredivisie cards available in this years game. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone owned this card as he was a very popular choice for Golden Glow Up

Ui Jo Hwang - Centurions Sharpshooter > Centurions Striker

Ui Jo Hwang actually featured in our last Evo Combinations article but now he’s received an even better card! The Norwich striker gets a boost from 75 to 93 Shooting across the 2 Evo’s and a Pace increase from 77 to 89! Norwich fans might just have one of the best striker in the game in their teams!

Nathan Young-Coombes - Welcome to Evolutions > Trailblazer Striker >  Centurions Sharpshooter > Centurions Striker

Sticking with strikers with 93 Shooting, we move up to the Premier League and Brentford to evolve Nathan Young-Coombes. Evolutions has given us the ability to take a 61 non rare striker, which let’s be real no one is using, to an 86 rated striker with 93 Shooting. What an addition to the game. 

Shola Shoretire - Welcome to Evolutions > Trailblazer Striker >  Centurions Striker > Centurions Sharpshooter

Kobbie Mainoo was the go to Evo for Man United fans for the first few weeks but could it now be time to add Shola Shoretire into the mix? Just 4 Evolution paths take him from a 62 rated all the way to an 87! He also gets a weak foot boost on the way which maxes out at 5 Star!

Joao Pedro - Trailblazer Striker > Centurions Striker 

Joao Pedro may not be the most exciting Evo on the list but I’ve added him purely for the value for money aspect. His tradeable 87 version on the market will set you back more than 400,000 coins, whereas this version, just 50,000. The cards are fairly identical with the odd -1/+1 here and there but for 350,000 coins less, it’s more than worth it!

Romain Alessandrini - Welcome to Evolutions > Trailblazer Striker > Centurions Striker 

We’re saving the best until last with Rat to Glory leader himself, Romain Alessandrini. We were hoping for at least a Silver Stars card from him this year but an Evo’d version is so much better! 4* 4*, 90 Pace, 89 Shooting, if we’d have known how good he could become then we’d definitely have evolved him!

Let us know in the comments who your favourite Evolution card is this year!

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