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As many of you are aware, the FUTBIN Import Chrome extension was removed from the Chrome store in the middle of November and the web pages associated with it were disabled. We decided to take this step as EA updated their TOS, and we wanted to ensure that nobody’s accounts were put at risk (Link to EA Rules).  Since then, we have been working on a completely new extension, an extension we can confidently say, breaks no TOS. This extension was finalized mid-December and after extensive testing, it is finally ready to go live.

So how can we be sure the new extension does not break EA rules? The answer is simple, as since the new extension does not send requests to the EA servers, there are no TOS being broken. The new extension reads the data that comes back from the EA servers (the data that contains the information about the players and consumables in your club), thereby avoiding sending any requests itself to the EA servers.

Some have stated that an extension is a violation in itself to EA TOS. This however is not true. EA TOS has a smaller piece on extensions:

“We don’t want you to use third party apps and browser extensions because it puts your account at risk. When you use these third-party apps and browser extensions, your login info can be visible to third parties and someone could use that info to take over your account. Browser extensions can capture your passwords, track your web browsing, insert ads into web pages you visit, and more.”

This section recommends not using extensions, since they are a security risk. And yes, a developer with bad intentions can easily use an extension to gain access to your FUT account, if it reads the keys associated with your account. Naturally, the FUTBIN extension does not read these keys, but you should only use an extension if you trust the company/site that has developed it!! So to clarify: using an extension is NOT a violation to the EA rules IF the extension itself follows the EA TOS.

Bear in mind though, that while the FUTBIN extension does not violate the current EA TOS, we cannot foresee future updates to EA’s TOS.


Happy “importing” smiley


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