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FIFA 23 Web App Starter Guide: How To Start FUT 23

By Matt
20-Sep-22 11:02

The FIFA 23 Web App release is a matter of hours away and will be your first opportunity to start your FIFA Ultimate Team journey.

On the FIFA 23 Web App, FUT Players will be able to:

  • Select Starter Nations

  • Open Welcome Back Packs

  • Build your Starter Squad

  • Start Completing Squad Building Challenges

  • Trade & Generate Coins using the FUT Transfer Market

  • Customise your Club

  • View Leaderboards

While it’s important to have fun first and foremost on the Web App and at the start of FIFA 23, there are several things that you can do to get the best start possible and get a slight headstart against your friends and competitors.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you’ll have to do on your first FIFA 23 login and provide tips along the way to allow you to start FUT 23 with a bang!

Let’s get into it.

FIFA 23 Web App Release Date & How To Get Access

The FIFA 23 Web App will be released on Wednesday, September 21st at 6pm UK. 

The FIFA 23 Web App will be available for all players that meet the following criteria, as explained by EA:

  • You must have created a FUT Club in FIFA 22 and logged in to FUT 22 on your platform before August 1, 2022, to be eligible for early access to the FUT 23 Web and Companion Apps.

  • Your FUT 22 account must still exist, meaning if you’ve deleted your Club, you won’t be able to access FIFA 23 on the Web App.

It’s also worth mentioning when it comes to Web App Release day, to make sure you have the correct EA Login information. With the amount of traffic that’s expected, new password requests may take longer than usual.

The First Login - Choosing Your Starter Nation

The time has come. You’ve deliberated over this moment for weeks, planned your starter squad, and decided on that new club name, but now it’s time to get down to business, the web app is live.

Upon logging in to the Web App for the first time, you’ll be met with a series of choices. You’ll be asked to choose your kits, a badge, and the first meaningful decision, your Starter Nation.

In the grand scheme of things, this decision won’t make a huge difference, however, there are a couple of key things we would advise.

Firstly, DO NOT choose your starter nation based on the type of starter team you want to create. While it may be tempting to go with Spain if you want to initially build a La Liga team, it simply is not worth it. In your starter pack, you’ll receive a handful of common gold and silver items from the selected nation, and it is highly unlikely that these cards will make your first squad.

Instead, we advise selecting a nation that will benefit you early on in completing some of the early Starter SBCs, as these will be good routes to generate some early packs, which can be very profitable in the early stages.

So, with that in mind, what are some good nations to go for early on?

Opening Loyalty/Welcome Back Packs - Keep Or Sell?

Let the Keep Or Sell questions begin!

If you’re a returning FUT user on the Web App in FIFA 23, you’ll likely receive a number of Welcome Back, or Loyalty Packs, that will give you a nice initial boost in the early stages.

Last year FUT Players received:

  • FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick

  • 2x FUT Icon Kits

  • 2x FUT TOTW Kits

  • 1x 15 Game Coin Boost 

  • 2x 5K Gold Packs

  • 4x Gold Players Packs (1 Rare & 11 Commons) ft. 1x 80+ Guaranteed Rare Player

Out of these 5K Packs & Gold Players packs, you’ll receive over 50 players, some of which may be worthless, but some may be small gold mines.

Here’s an overview of the different types of cards you’ll likely be packing, and the best approaches to maximise your early coin totals!

To summarise, most of the time you’ll be looking to SELL whatever you get in packs early on, as this will be how you can generate a decent coin total in the shortest possible time frame.

Aside from some meta gold cards that might be worth waiting for big price jumps before selling, most other cards will be more worthwhile selling in the short term for instant coins.

What Next? - Trading vs SBCs

So you’ve selected your Starter Nation and have opened your Welcome Back packs, great start!

At this stage, you should have at least a few thousand coins to start Trading or Completing SBCs, but where should you start?

In our opinion, completing Squad Building Challenges early on makes the most sense, for the following reasons:

  • Trading is highly, highly competitive early on as FUT players scramble to make as many coins as possible, meaning it can be tricky to make even 100 coins profit on small flips.

  • SBCs can be completed very cheaply, and with early pack rewards from Advanced SBCs including 35K Mega Packs, 45K Prime Gold Players Packs, 50K Rare Players Packs and even 55K Rare Mega Packs, you can make a lot of coins through packing big players, assuming you can complete SBCs efficiently.

Making BIG Coins Early On With SBCs

Before we dive into how you can make coins early on with various Trading Methods, let’s talk about how you can utilise the selection of available SBCs on the Web App to generate a healthy initial coin total.

With Advanced SBCs being the first opportunity for FUT Players to open high-value packs, i.e. 35K Mega Packs, 45K Prime Gold Players Packs, 50K Rare Players Packs and even 55K Rare Mega Packs, these are going to be key areas to target early on.

Before gaining access to Advanced SBCs, you’ll first have to complete the 1st set of Foundation SBCs, which will feature mainly Bronze requirements and can be simply completed just from your Starter Packs.

Complete these EFFICIENTLY, avoiding using players bought off the transfer market, and retaining your coins that you’ll be spending later to receive bigger pack rewards.

With the new Chemistry changes, here are some key points to remember before we start diving into the more profitable Advanced SBCs:

  • There is no more Loyalty from pack-pulled players or players that have played 10+ games.

  • Players only receive & contribute to individual and team Chemistry respectively when played in one of their preferred positions. No more playing CDMs at CB to get 6 Chemistry etc, meaning SBCs could be tricky early on.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Advanced SBCs specifically, and how you can utilise them early on to make a tonne of early coins!

Web App Trading - Methods To Utilise

So let’s assume that you’ve gone through and completed a few early SBCs efficiently for profit, and are sitting comfortably with at least 10,000-25,000 coins, which should be more than achievable.

It’s time to get trading, to start multiplying those coin totals to buy your first squad.

Here is a selection of Trading Methods you can utilise early on, with a brief overview on how to make coins on each!

Trading Around Cards Featuring in SBCs

This is one of the most popular trading methods for traders early into the new FUT cycle, especially on the Web App, due to the fact that SBCs are the main focus before people get their hands on the console versions of FIFA.

Not only should you look to complete the SBCs for the pack rewards, but trading around popular SBC solutions & players commonly used in Advanced SBCs can be very profitable.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Identify an SBC that has a lot of solutions posted, and provides a good pack reward - Usually Advanced SBCs that grant at least a 25k pack are good starting points.

  2. Take note of popular Leagues/Nations & Clubs or even specific Players that appear regularly in solutions, as for certain solutions, only a handful of Leagues/Nations will be possible to use.

  3. When you’ve identified a selection of Players/Nations etc that are commonly used, wait for them to NOT be included in SBC Solutions, as this is when they’ll be cheaper, as fewer eyes are on them, fewer people buying for their SBCs etc.

  4. Wait for your purchased players to enter SBC solutions once again.

When Players/Leagues/Nations or Clubs are currently listed in “Cheapest Solutions,” they will likely start to rise in price as many FUT players look to copy or create similar solutions.

  1. Sell when your investments enter FUTBIN Solutions.

Mass Bidding

If you’ve got a lot of time scheduled to trade on the Web App, utilising Mass Bidding will be a good way to consistently make small profits over and over again as you start to increase your coin totals.

Mass Bidding is the process whereby you bid on a large number of cards (the more the merrier), to increase your chances of winning a select few. Say you bid on 50 cards, and win 20%, that’s 10 cards that you can then potentially sell for profit.

If you can do this process 10 times an hour, that’s 100 cards that you can sell for profit. If you make 100 coins profit on 100 cards per hour, that’s 10,000 coins per hour, which early on FUT is not bad going at all!

When it comes to Mass Bidding, you can go for a couple of approaches:

  • Mass Bidding specifically on a rotation of players. If you identify 10-15 players that have good supply and demand (for either SBCs or teams), you can cycle between them. Mass bid on one, if you don’t win many bids, move on until you find a player that you can consistently make profits on.

  • Mass Bidding using filters. Say you find strong demand for English Midfielders, setting up a filter and mass bidding can allow you to target a far greater selection than just individual players, potentially meaning more successful trades & coins generated.


Sniping is similar to Mass Bidding in that you can rotate through a selection of players, or create filters to target a larger segment of the market, however, the profit potential per card can be greater, as you’re quickly buying players listed for cheaper than their selling price on Buy Now.

  • Start off by selecting either a selection of 10-15 players or a filter that targets a selection of players in one go (similar to Mass Bidding).

  • Identify the cheapest price that your selected players typically sell for on Buy Now.

  • Take at least 10% off that price, and set that as the Max Buy Now price for your filter. For example, if X Player is selling at 2,000 coins, snipe 10% (200 coins) below at 1,800 coins. This way, you’re guaranteeing profit after 5% tax.

  • When sniping, remember that you need to change your filter in order to see the latest search results, so increasing/decreasing the minimum bid or buy it now each time is a necessity.

Extinct Players

“Extinct” Players the term that has been referred to in previous years, refers to a group of players that have a price range that is too low in the early stages, as FUT players value them for more than their maximum selling price on the market allows.

Examples in previous years would include:

In these examples, the FUT Player base has decided to value these players above their price range, meaning that gradually, the supply of available cards has been bought up too quickly, causing them to be EXTINCT.

To make a profit, you can:

  • Identify META players early on that have been hyped up on social media, in everyone’s starter squads etc.

  • Check price ranges for these players, and if you believe they’re undervalued, buy before they go extinct.

  • Once players go extinct, you can still try to snipe them, however, do understand that this will be highly competitive, it may take hours to snipe a handful of cards.

  • When EA update the price range to a higher value, you can quickly cash out and make healthy profits in the process.

Final Key Advice For The Web App

Before you get into grinding the Web App, here are some important things to remember!

Have FUN! While many traders & FUT Players will treat the Web App period as a hugely pivotal start to the FUT cycle, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t be disheartened when you see traders hitting 1,000,000 or more coins in 3 days. Take FUT at your own pace!

Don’t Burn Out! While it may be tempting to spend 12 hours a day sitting on the Web App trying to trade your way up to that early starter squad you’ve made, remember to not burn out, savour the Web App experience!


On that note, here ends our first guide for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Be sure to follow @FUTBIN, and keep up to date with all the latest news & trading methods!

Also, be sure to follow me, @MattFUTTrading over on Twitch if you want a helping hand when the Web App drops!

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