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86 - SIF
The God
By arvinash0910, 29-01-2018

This man is an absolute God. I picked him up on snipe for only 90k with a Hawk card on and that is a steal considering what he is going for right now. This Mahrez card brings the fun back into FIFA. His 5* skills are fun to utilise and he feels amazing on the ball. He is THE PERFECT alternative to Messi in my opinion. He is my favourite player to use in the game. He is so fun to use. You have complete control over him, he is so agile and quick on the turn. He has the ability to change a game. His killer passing, good shooting and mad trickery can win you games. Pair him up with a deadly striker ( I use 85 Crespo) and you have a lethal partnership.

DRIBBLING. He is the second best pure dribbler in the game (only behind Messi) , and what I mean by pure dribbler is that he uses his agility, balance and ball control to manoeuvre his way through defenders. Unlike a player like CR7 that uses his pace and strength to burst through. Combine this with his 5* skills, he is a deadly dribbler. His passing is superb. He has 87 passing which just shows how deadly his passing can be. Short passes are accurate, long passing is good (I switch play alot), and crossing is deadly. His through passes are really good as the weight of his passes are sublime. He gets so many assists with his vision and through balls. His shooting is decent. It's certainly not his strongest stat, but it gets the job done. He can finish chances when given a good chance to do so as he has a high composure stat. His pace although not the best (mentioned in the cons section), it gets the job done. SInce CAMs do not really need pace, he is actually fine there.

Now although I am going to mention some downsides to Mahrez, DO NOT take these things too seriously as they do not really matter in general and as a whole when you use this card. The first downside to this card is his physical side. His stamina is pretty low and towards the end of the game he may be tired. Also, he has low strength so in one v one situations with a defender, he may get pushed off the ball easily. Besides that, although his shooting is good (8/10 I would say), sometimes he lacks abit of the clinical finishing. Lastly, if he is in a foot race with a defender like Bailly, he may be outpaced as well.

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 44
GPG: 0.82
APG: 0.93
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (3/10)
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Words cannot describe the orgasmic jubilation you will experience when using this card. I play him at CAM and can honestly say he's the most fun player I've ever used there. He's better than prime Deco, Rui Costa, Del Piero, etc... I've seen a lot of youtubers compare him to Messi, but the truth is that he's quite different; imagine a taller, slightly less nimble Messi with 5 star skills. He does however have similar pace, ...
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alright so fut birthday mahrez, simply put he pulls the strings and has a deadly presence in your attack. his agility is very noticeable in game and one thing i found surprising was his aggression. his aggression in game is much more than what his stats say, this man ran down and battled bakayoko off the ball. he is not easily pushed off the ball, but don't try to go shoulder to shoulder with someone (doing this wastes his ...
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Well i wont give you something long to read jus know he is worth every coin. Give him something to chase he catches it. Give him something to finish he finishes. Want to humiliate your opponent ? He humiliates. he is God level he usually scores 3 goals per game for me whether i win or lose this card is jus broken
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