FIFA 23 Calculator

Calculate your FUT 23 Trade pile
ATTENTION! It is highly recommended to visit the player pages and do some research before buying or selling player ×
Player information Rating PS4 L.BIN Quantity Total price EA tax (5%) Total after tax
Summary 0 0 0 0

The tool we provide on this page has 2 main goals:
1. Calculate your trade pile total value including:
a) Lowest BIN - the lowest "Buy It Now" price on the market.
b) Total Price - Quantity * Lowest BIN.
c) EA TAX - 5% out of the Total Price: Total Price * 0.05
d) Total After TAX - calculating how much is left after you deduct the tax: Total Price * 0.95
2. If you plan to invest in players, you can easily add them up and get the total price. You have the option to change the quantity per player, just like a shopping cart.

*Keep in mind that the prices are very dyanmic. You should always check out the graphs and make sure you don't sell too cheap. Sometimes the lowest bin is significally lower compared to the 2nd lowest bin. Do some research, don't be lazy!