FIFA 22 Road to the Final journey has started and it includes dynamic player items which will get upgraded based on their team progress throughout the year in the Champions League, Europa league and Europa Conference League competitions.


What happens if a team has already played a knockout round match?
Matches played in either the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, or UEFA Europa Conference League before the start of the campaign on February 18 will not count towards the first possible upgrade. If those teams win the second leg of their knockout round match, they will earn the first upgrade.
Does a player need to play for their club to earn upgrades?
No, Road to the Final players do not need to have played for their team to receive any upgrade that they are eligible for.
What happens if a player transfers or stops playing for a club in the tournament?
If a player is no longer registered for the club they represent at the start of the Road to the Final campaign they will not be eligible for additional upgrades.
What happens if a player’s club is knocked out of either of the tournaments?
If a player’s club is knocked out of any of the tournaments they will not be eligible for further upgrades.
How long will it take for the attribute boost to be applied to a player item when an upgrade is earned?
Any Road to the Final item upgrades can take up to a few days to update in-game.

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