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90 - Icon
1.2M is bargain for him!
By rouniiz, 03-02-2018

So i was lucky enough to complete Ferdinand's sbc and after 187 games i can say he is AMAZING! It's totally worth the coins, hell it should even cost more than just 1.2M and if you have some shitty prime icon you have completed and wanna get rid of him, this is the right place to put him to. I did put Schmeicel prime to this sbc and saved me 400-500k.

But lets go to the point, why he is so good.

PACE: His pace is of course outstanding, he can even catch player like Aubameyang even if he is 3-5m away from him + put over 90 defending to him so he gets the ball back like candy from 3 year old! I give 10/10 for his pace.

SHOOTING (Heading mostly): As he never really did shot with his feed i'm gonna just judge his heading and his ability to win headers. In 187 games he had scored 6 times (5 times with his head from corners, 1 time with foot to open net). He usually goes to penalty box area in corners (can depend on formation) and i usually just put crosses to far post to player like Bale or Pogba, so he didn't mostly get even chances to win headers, but i can say when the cross did come to him and when he was at right place he did won the header most of the times and when he did he always did head the ball at target, even at difficult position. So i'm gonna give 8/10 for his shooting.

PASSING: To be fair i was really surprised how good his passing were even with 67 passing. But he had 83 short passing and 77 long passing which were really good, only little minus was his 57 vision but as that mostly affects to long balls that really didn't matter much, and not many defenders have good vision either so that's no surprise. But he is totally good enough to pass for defender. So i'm gonna give 7/10 for his passing.

DRIBBLING: Really good composure and reactions, which is really important for defender, and 76 ball control which is really good for defender too. But not many people seems to be 100% sure what composure really stands for, specially for defender and i'm one of them. But one thing i'm 100% certain is that it affects to your touch's. You probably notice this mostly in your attacking players, but when player who has the ball is under pressured he usually takes that stupid 5m touch right before you have chance to take a shot. That's because the composure. And it goes same way for defender. How many times your Bailly or someone else with low composure (less than 80) have taken that 5m touch as being lowest man and under pressured and because that your opponent got the ball and scores? Well with Ferdinand's 93 composure that never happens because he is so calm with the ball.

And 86 reactions helps him a lot to clear the ball fast as possible out of danger zone which really helps a lot too. Those are without doubt 2 most important stats for a defender and that's why

i give 8/10 for his Dribbling.

DEFENDING: Absolute monster at defending (like really as expected). His interceptions, marking, standing and sliding tackle's are all 10/10. And as he is really quick and strong at the same time its seriously super easy to get ball from opponent. So pure 10/10 for his defending, hell i would even give more if possible.

PHYSICAL: Really good physical too. Only maybe little minus was his 82 Jumping which is generally good, but when there was players who were taller than Ferdinand against him in headers, he mostly lost the header so little better jumping would help that. Stamina 83 totally good enough to play full 90 minutes, even 120 minutes if have to. 88 strength really feels like a lot more. He can push down easily even the strongest strikers so his strength really feels like over 90. 86 aggression really good too and helps massively when you are behind someone and try to catch him. So i give 9/10 for his physical.



Short & Long Passing



Ball Control



There's not a single big Cons at Ferdinand so i'm gonna just say the minor ones.




Formation: 4321
Position: CB
Games: 187
GPG: 0.03
APG: 0.01
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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