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Give him a try, you might be surprised!
By drenq, 07-05-2018

I've played some fut drafts and one time I came across prime Owen so I thought I gave him a try, even though I've read some bad reviews about him. Was he any good? After draft, I replaced my sbc prime Crespo with Owen and I've never looked back since. He has soooo much better impact than Crespo, scoring 28 goals in 23 games and adding 15 assists - all division 1 and WL. I use him in 4-3-2-1, with Sterling TOTS and Son 86 (have used Mbappe 86 also) and he really is the leader of the 3.

PACE (10/10)

He is rapid, but one thing that makes him almost unstoppable is his MOVEMENT. Absolutely fantastic movement combined with his lightning pace (with Hunter) creates a nightmare to defenders, no matter who they are - Ferdinand, Pique TOTS, Bailly, Blanc - all them guys are not able to catch this monster on the counter attack. I don't even look who guards him anymore - most times it doesn't matter.


Low driven, finesse shots, simple power shots -> he has it all. I DIDN'T have even ONE situation 1on1 that he has missed without me making a mistake. He is as clinical as you can get in the box. Two things surprised me - his finesse outside of the box (only 73 curve) are pretty good - not Del Piero type, but If you have a angle, you can count on him.Second thing is his weak foot - after really disappointing experience with Crepo's weak foot, I though 4 stars is not enough for complete forward. With Owen it is. Scored around 3 screamers in to the top corner, outside of the box, with his left foot. Scored me some very important goals, he is a threat all the time, anywhere on the pitch. Would have been 10/10, but sometimes he hits the bar too much...altough he still will score you some incredible goals and in terms of clear chances - he scores EVERY SINGLE TIME.

PASSING (7/10)

Simple passes and 1-2's are ok, but he is nothing special in terms of passing. Don't expect him to be a real playmaker, but because of his positioning he will get you asissts also (just look at my record).

DRIBBLING (8.5/10)

88 dribbling seems very accurate, I don't have any problems with his dribbling. He isn't your Maradona or Lemar TOTS, which I found to have probably the best dribbling I've used this year, but he is capable to run past the defenders If you know how to use him. When sometimes he goes wide, you can dribble to the center and curve the ball aroung the GK. He is just as good as his stats suggest, wish he had 4* skills - would have been an absolute BEAST.


Just don't...


He isn't big, he isn't super strong, but he can hold his ground. He doesn't fall to the ground with ease like Crespo, who is in this terms broken as fu** and VERY suprisingly, he can score some headers! He scored me I think 3 headers, 2 from a corner and I remember he once won header with Ferdinand to assist Bonaventura's bicycle kick - it was hilarious bs, but yeah, he can do it. After all, you won't notice his physicality too much, because of his pace and dribbling which you can use to avoid contact. Not strong, but I wouldn't call him super weak either. Stamina not big issue, I played him thru 2x OT, he still was present in a game due to his positioning but you might need a sub after 90min if you want somebody who could sprint around the pitch.


I think this is really fun card to use - can score some great goals, creates the space for others, he doesn't have the irritating little things. Just like some other icons - better than the stats suggest. He truly is a fantastic scorer and for his price at this moment (around 420k) I would really recommend to try this card. If you are looking for similar cards, I would have to say IF Jesus, but I found Owen much better and worth the additional coins.








HEIGHT, but you know who you get...

MAYBE STRENGTH, but for me much better than 63, I would say around 70+ (even without chem boost to strength)

Formation: 4321
Position: ST
Games: 23
GPG: 1.22
APG: 0.65
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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