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96 - FOF
ZlatGOD the Lion
By BabyCow96, 27-06-2018

So I've been playing FUT since 2010, I will try to keep this review as succint and unbiased as possible, as Zlatan is my favorite player ever. I have never once reviewd a player before, but I absolutely had to for this card. I have used essentially every player to have graced the game. This Zlatan card takes the absolute cake. WOW! If you're on the fence hop right down, fall off, play dead run home and buy this card. He's beyond filth. I'll say the first few games I played with him he was slotting in goals. However I felt something was missing. I was dissappointed. I switched around some tactics, and his instructions and he is legitimately out performing Prime R9 now. I play a decent amoutn of FUT, usually get E3 in WL. I play Zlatan paired with R9 as LS and Ibra at RS. R9 is on Stay Central and Press Backline, with Zlatan on Target Man, I've never used a deadlier pair of strikers. Enough wasting your time lets get into the review. I've only been able to use him in Div 1 Online Seasons, and the DKT so far but in that time in 17 games, he's netted 29 times, and amassed 12 assists. I'll rate everything out of 10 and break things down more than the usual review.

Pace: 84 (96 with Hunter): 8.5/10

So his acceleration and sprint speed with Hunter on 10 chem are both boosted to 96. He does not feel like he has 96 pace, I'll state that straight away. However he does out pace defenders if you hit him with a throughball as he's moving toward or shoulder to shoulder with them. Once he's gone hes absolutely rapid, he unlike most players DOES NOT get caught. His strength, height, and agility means if you let him by you he's about to punish you, it doesn't matter what you try you're doomed. It's kind of crazy but I have multiple clips or TOTY/TOTS Ramos, Ferdinand, and Maldini getting absolutely wrecked for pace by him and thrown straight to the ground. If you've ever used TOTS Lukaku think him but way faster, more agile, and even stronger.

Shooting: 96 (96 with Hunter): 11/10

So I mean is there even a point to talk about this? Bangers, bangers, and wait.... yes more bangers. I mean jesus he feels more clinical than Prime R9, which is saying somethings. The only thing R9 edges him on is the 5* WF. Seriously though his WF feels like 4.5*, finesse shots are truly a thing of beauty from this Nordic god. Long shots with more power and movement than my Prime Gullit, low drivers shatted the net and goal keepers knees. His volleys are like fresh baked bread with honey and butter, utter delictable sweetness. I've truly never played with a player who strikes the ball with such momentum, its insane. His heading the most rediculous I've ever used. If you go to a CR7 review you'll see he scores 9/10 corners which is just not true. Neither will Zlatan, but if he gets his head to ball and it doesn't hit the top and limply loop up towards the goal keeper he scored about 70% of time. I equate his goals from headers to Messi's goals from his left footed finesse shots outside the box, 7/10 end up in the net.

Passing: 90 8.5-9/10

This is the only stat I haven't truly experimented with entirely. His crosses are more than acceptable, his short passing is phenomal, long passes are very accurate, and his through balls hit the mark. I've only experienced one instance where the pass went awry, in his defense he did just get rammed in the back by TOTS Ramos. Zlatan has the best passing of pretty much all pure ST in FIFA and it shows his link up play is exceptional.

Dribbling: 94 9.5/10

This is where this card gets very interesting; he has 92 Agility, 47 Balance, 98 Reactions, 99 Ball Control, 94 Dribbling, and 99 Composure. Here I'm going to discuss each of these individually, so his agility is 92, and you can absolutely tell. He shifts from side to side, full spins in milliseconds. He's incredibly smooth on the ball, I'd compare him to CR7 in this aspect but he's smoother, CR7 to me has always felt slightly sluggish in this regard, so he's closer to Messi movement wise than CR7, a plus in my book. His Balance is 47, this is where most people would see a huge red flag as did I. If you played FIFA 17 you were familiar with low balance players getting knocked down to the pitch if they were ran into by any player if they were moving in from a direction that the player didnt have momentum, well FIFA 18 massively improved on this in 18 with more grip to the pitch so players wouldn't fall so much. So in conclusion his balance honestly does not seem to affect him for me. It has the slightest repercussion if a big CB rams him, but that usual just wins me more FKs now to be honest. 98 reaction, are perfect he grabs every chance instantly, and have perfect animations. 99 ball control is not a lie, the ball is glued to his feet, while his 94 agility means he can ghost in and out of defenders with stunning precision. His composure is 99 and that is maybe an understatement, he does not fail. He plays like his real life mentality, win at all cost.

Defending: 38 7/10

I won't delve on this too long but I gave him a 7/10 which sounds absurdly high for an attacker, but with how FIFA 18 works it's accurate. Think of how many times, KDB, Sane, Martial, Mane, Salah have won the ball off of you. He does not ventrue back to much for ball winning purposes. But he's fast and of massive stature, he has a rediculous amount of agression which I'll touch on in the next subject, but the amount of times he's ripped the ball off of a defender and banged it in is truly impressive. I gave him a 7/10 because out of the 29 goals he's scored for me atleast 5 have been in this fashion, think Benzema's pressing in the CL final.

Physical: 94 10/10

He's a freaking monster, a Nordic god, a Lion! Seriously, he's 6'5", 209 lbs (195 cm; 95 KG, for my metric brothers), his 79 jumping is beyond adequate considering he already towers most his opponents. Nacho, Ake, and Azpi users beware, you literally do not have a chance, TOTY/TOTS Ramos/Maldini/Ferdinand/Boateng/Benatia/Koulibaly users, you have slightly less more of chance but don't count on it. His stamina is 81, which does not seem the best. However his M/L workrates make that no problem he's usually a little under half by the 90th minute. Can easily last the 120, especially as he's not meant to be a pace monster even though he can be used as such. His strength is 99, but honestly it feels like EA finally allowed a player to go over 99, he feels like he's got atleast 120+ strength, I cannot mention this enough HE IS NOT BULLIED. If you hold L2/LT he just hold it. No defender has yet dispossed him when I'm purely attempting to shield and turn. I see a lot of reviews saying player are so strong no defender wins it and it's usually a lie. This man truly does outclass them all in this regard. He is unbelievably tenacious and his 96 Agression accurately represents this. He fights for everything, defenders honestly seem timid around him, he will steal your ball, he will ruin your goalkeeper, he will bike it on you from 6 ft in the air from 40 yards out. He will dare to Zlatan.

Honorable Mentions:

His weak foot does not feel like a weak foot, it's slightly worse than R9s but not by much.

He has 4* skills, which IMO since it's a card from his past, he should've been given back his 5* skills but its more than acceptable.

His height and jumping is unmathed.

He's actaully very quick and combined with his strength he does not get caught.

Shooting. Holy sh*t, shot=goal.

Speed once past the defense

He's Shcrong. We Shcrong. (Strong for those who haven't seen that interview)

Shooting of a god.

Playmaking ability







No 5* Skills

No 5* WF

Balance (I guess)

Stamina (I don't notice it really)

Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 17
GPG: 1.71
APG: 0.71
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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