74 - IF
Very good silver player!
By vicene, 09-03-2018

I had to use a team with only 5 gold players in the daily knockout tournament to classify for the WL, because i didn't played the last fut champions so i lost my spot.

I went for the tournament with a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) squad with POTGS Firmino and my man Kean (untradable, i didn't spent a cent just to play a daily knockout tournament). Kean scored more than Firmino and other good players like IF Coutinho. His driven shots were just on point and he didn't missed a single one with his right foot.

It's important to say that he played with only 7 of chemestry and 84 team chemestry, so he lost some points on important aspects like finishing, pace and physical.

His pace was ok to good, he did good runs for me but i'm not a pace wh*re. If you don't abuse pace like me, i think he will be more than ok for you. His physical was ok to good as well, not a weak player but far away from being a strong one.

His passing was surprisingly good, he did good 2-1's, and nailed even the short long passes (i mean, Y / Triangle passes, but not literally long passes).

Kean's positioning was good for me as well, but not outstanding. Same with dribbling, good ball control and balance. I didn't noticed his low compusure and dribbling, i must say. The last goal he scored was with two 3* back-to-back (dunno what's the actual name of the skill move) and a very clinical driven shot.

So, overall: A very good player if you are a Verona fan or you like silver teams, but i don't know if he's the best option if that's not the case. He played well for me, unlikely Jesus for example, who lost lots of goals and shot such weak driven shots. Kean's shooting is fucking clinical for a silver player, but if you're expecting more than a 7/10 striker, you will be disappointed.

Super sub worth? I won't play him as a super sub for FUT Champions, because he don't get the pace that we all expect from a supersub. Even though he'll score you the goals that you need.



Driven shots

1-2 plays


3* WF

3* SM (not an actual problem in my opinion)

Formation: 41212-2
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 1.00
APG: 0.67
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (7/10)