85 - SIF
Memphis Depay
By AMPact, 17-04-2018

As soon as I saw this IF getting out I just had to get it. I'm dutch and Memphis' my favorite player after Quaresma, now rocking them both in a team. I didn't really like his 83 IF LW card, but this 85 ST has been fantastic for me. I'm using him in a 300k squad while preparing for TOTS a bit, not that I'm very rich nor am I a really great FIFA player, but I played my fair share of FUT games this edition.

I used Memphis for 15 games so far (Div 3 and 2-3 DKT games) and after not scoring or assisting in the first 3, he bagged 16 goals and 5 assists over the course of the next games. I tried to play him as false 9 (long shots!) in a 4-4-2 in this squad: on a Marksman chemstyle on 8 chemistry. He didn't do much the first 3 games, but when I changed his instructions to stay central and get in behind he was getting in much better positions for both long shots and close range finishes. I scored around 5 long shots with him, 1 header and the rest were close range low drivens or finesses. Let me tell you, this guy has a rocket on his right foot. I scored 2-3 goals from 30m+ out and some first time finesses that just went flying into top bins. His shooting takes getting used to since it's just so much power it's easy to blast it over, but if you start to feel his power he's really really unfair at long shots. Most of the shots I made just flew in so fast it actually surprised me.

Overall, this card has a very nice combination of great pace, good dribbling, great strength and very good shooting that makes him a very complete CF/ST on either Hawk/Marksman or CAM on Engine/Sniper chemstyles. I really rate this card and I think he's one of the best all round attackers available for 100k though I'm a bit biased since I like him as a player. I didn't think his relatively low base finishing was that much of an issue ingame as his shot power generally makes up for the placement of the ball and he didn't really miss any sitters for me. He's very complete and if he'd get another inform or 2 you might actually want to consider calling him OP. He doesn't really lack in any department, just lacks overall stats in all relevant departments to be truly endgame.

On his dribbling, he's really hard to knock off the ball due to his strength and agility combined with 4* skills. He feels smooth in game despite being an absolute unit and thus can create for himself since he's hard to defend against and can go shoulder to shoulder with most defenders or at least can hold his own.

I would really recommend this card to everyone, he's nice to play with. He scores bangers for fun and actually is a card I rate that fits the meta, which is a first for me. He thicc he fast he shoot. What more do you really need anyway.

  • 4* Skills
  • Distance shooting is unfair, that 99 curve/98 shot power is cheating
  • Surprisingly nice finishing
  • Good dribbling
  • Pace baby
  • Good enough passing for a ST
  • High/Low

  • 3* WF is not the best, but very playable
  • Passing is borderline okay
  • Relatively expensive for his league
Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 15
GPG: 1.07
APG: 0.33
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (9/10)