85 - SBC
Decent English Midfielder
By teglaslaszlo, 20-06-2018

For starters, i liked Hendersons Fut SWAP card so i decided to go with the new nation sbc for this Lallana card. Expected to be better then the NIF, and this card is really good. Not astonishing, but can make a difference if u dont rush the game. Used him in online seasons only because that will reflect the card true gameplay.

I use him with a Maestro chem style to exploit the midfielder ingame stats, and its working, so this review is based upon only with MAESTRO chem style. In the beginning i change him to the RCM position and he does his job.I am planning to do the RUI COSTA prime SBC but until then i am not willing to change him from the starting 11.

Always in the right position to give him a chance to make a key pass, never go into the opponent defender line, always stays at his position.But if he get the chance to run into the box he will score.

So, the question why should you do him? Becuse he can be a really solid sub to the midfield, and can change your gamestyle which can be a surprise to the opponent. However he is around 20k (SBC) but he worth it if you plan to do an England Nation Squad (there isnt much good CB btw.)

90+ ingame stats

-Finishing (92)

-Positioning (90)

-Vision (94)

-Short pass (99)

-Ball control (95)

-Dribbling (99)

-5/4 WF/SM which is pretty good at this type of card

-perfect for short pass players

-not much contribution in defence

-dont push the goal scoring part

-dont try to use through balls

-cant compete at the body to body duels because of his agression/strenght

Formation: 4312
Position: CM
Games: 11
GPG: 0.18
APG: 0.18
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (5/10)