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    Ederson - 83 - Normal
    Best goalkeeper
    By ThePemudalope, 30-11-2017

    I'm gonna have to start with making this point, he has played 110 games for me and has been my main goalkeeper since the start of FIFA 18. I gotta say there is plenty of reasons for that. Mainly people do go for taller goalkeepers like Begovic, Butland or Courtois which I did before in previous Fifas, but Ederson changed my way of picking goalkeepers. He feels very agile and makes almost impossible saves from different angles and saves my a*se a lot in both division games and FUT Champions. Since I rely a lot on my centre backs to do the defending for me I often get exposed for longshots and quick shots which are hard to defend against, but Ederson saves them.

    DIVING 81: Underestimated!: 81 diving on a goalkeeper isn't to bad, but it's an important stat when it comes to making difficult saves from different angles. I gotta say he makes not only beautiful dives, but he also makes impossible saves with his diving. Absolutely fenomenal.

    HANDLING 76: Somewhat good: One of his lowest stats which makes people shiver. But in all honesty this stat being low helps me through tough situations. Most of the times he makes brilliant catches and keeps the ball to himself, sometimes he likes to punch them. But from what I've noticed in my 110 games with him is that he rarely makes stupid punches which makes you concide rebound goals. Handling might be low, but he's performing well on this stat.

    KICKING 82: Rarely uses: As I've written, I rarely kick the ball out unless it's a goal kick which I usually kick towards the nearest midfielder. I can't say much more than it's decent and there's no errors what so ever with his kicking ability.

    REFLEXES 87: Strongest stat: This is the stat that probably makes him overpowered. Sometimes when I make a mistake at the back that results in a 1v1 on goal situation, Ederson is there to clean things up. His highest stat being reflex makes him very very hard to score against in situations such as 1v1, corners, quick shots in tight areas etc. This stat is very important in my opinion since you want a goalkeeper who doesn't sleep half the game.

    SPEED 64: Irrevelant: Not much to say about speed other than it's pretty high for a goalkeeper.

    POSITIONING 78: Not important: Again a stat that doesn't really need reviewing. His other stats makes up for this stat.

    Great reflexes


    Great throws


    Some mistakes (usually all goalkeepers)

    Formation: 4321
    Position: GK
    Games: 110
    GPG: 0.00
    APG: 0.00
    Pace (5/10)
    Shooting (5/10)
    Passing (5/10)
    Dribbling (5/10)
    Defending (10/10)
    Physicality (5/10)