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82 - Normal
Insane Passing Right Back
By DavideTala, 11-10-2018

The title of this review says it all. According to how i built my squad, I could choose from every PL RB and i picked him because of his passing stat, stamina and workrates.

In 4 games, he picked up 3 assists from crosses (1 regular cross, 1 volley cross, 1 cross from a corner), kind of what you expect from a dude with 91 crossing.

I play him on basic because i don't give a damn about chem styles (at least for now) and i love him.

I play a possession game and thus i play mostly between my midfielders and my fullbacks, so i need them all to be good at passing and durable enough to run up and down the field.

If you play like i do, Trippier is your guy, boasting High/High workrates, 85 passing with basic chem style (82 with either anchor or shadow which are probably the best for him) and 88 stamina.

He also has 4* WF which is always nice. Dribbling feels also pretty nice, with 3*SM allowing him to use heel to heel and roulettes.

The only real bad stat on this card is pace, but you have shadow chem style for that. Pace is not that important this year, ok, but it's still useful if your players are fast, and shadow gives him an 88 pace which is perfect.

Physically he isn't the best but also not the worst, i'd give him a 6/10. you can use anchor if you need him to be stronger.

I highly recommend this guy if you play a possession game and rely on capable fullbacks like i do, if you want a guy who takes corners perfectly, if you play a lot of crosses from your overlapping fullbacks and also if you don't want to spend a fortune for a quality player.

overall, i'd give him a solid 8/10 because he needs more pace and physicality to be complete perfection in every area.

for the way i play though he's a full blown 10/10.

CROSSING (the best part about him, he's just insane at that)

Workrates (always involved both in attack and in defense)

Stamina (easily runs for the whole game)

Passing (Perfect, you won't get any better from a fullback, especially not for 3k)

4*WF (very accurate with both feet)

3*SM (on a fullback i think from 3* onwards you're doing great)

Pace (not an overwhelming problem but he definitely needs a speed-boosting chem style to propell him to a god-tier)

Physicality and Height (not too much you can do here, he will win headers only against the tiniest of wingers and he won't be bullying opponents, although if you need this type of things from your fullbacks you shouldn't be picking him in the first place tbf)

Formation: 4321
Position: RB
Games: 4
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.75
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Kierany? What kind of a name is that?

Trapper basically scored more than Lucas? He is a slow RB and he rarely retrieves the ball after losing it. I played him for 100 games to save money, I did save money, but it was not worth it at all, most LW's are lightning fast, but Trippier is lightning SLOW. He's not horrible, but someone like Bellerín is 1 000 000 bester.
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I love this card. I love this man.

I am an Arsenal fan. But Trippier is one of my favorite active players in real life. For England he was fantastic. For Tottenham i always thought he was better than Walker all round, It made me happy when he wasnt starting when we played... He is Defensively solid. Great at passing too. Honestly this carries over in game.
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