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87 - CL
Firmino the GOAT
By Gorinc15, 18-11-2018

Where do I even begin. easily one of the best CAMS in this game. Firmino just has everything you need. He can pick out passes, dribble defenses and send rockets into to top corner. I seriously think I could play Firmino in any position and he would still work wonders. I can not seriously believe how good this card has been. The goals to games ratio is a little less because I used him a 4-3-2-1 formation with him and CM. It just didnt work. With his high- high work rate he just got caught. Low Driven, Finesse, Chip Shots and even normal shots all work with Firmino. He will just always score no matter what.

One of the best things about Firmino is that he is a perfect link to Fabinho. Both these cards have played 257 games in my club and they are inseparable. Just work so well together whilst giving each other the most ideal chem boost for a hybrid team.



He has 78 pace but plus a hunter card he turns into an animal. He feels like he is not as quick as other players in game but trust me he is.


Where do I even begin. With Firmino you dont need time finishing because his shot is just that good. 4 star week foot absolutely comes in handy meaning he can shoot from any where.


He is Brazilian what do you expect?


Firmino is an absolute bully on the ball. Van Dijk, Varane, Ramos even Dejan Lovren dont stand a chance against this guy.

-Work Rate

Often over looked but Firmino's high high work rate is so important. You can leave him on get forward meaning he stays forward. But he will track back when needed and when you go defensive he provides another option to salvage those wins.


Not very important with attackers but when theres a ball to be won in the attacking third Firmino will win 95% of the time.

-Nation and Team

Firmino being in the Premier League and Brazilian it makes him so much easier to link

I seriously can not fault this card. The only Con I can think of his converting him from CF to CAM which will cost you 5k. That is the only wrong thing with this Firmino card. I have icons, potms, and so many other cards I do not use because I have firmino.

Formation: 4312
Position: CAM
Games: 257
GPG: 0.42
APG: 0.51
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Wow, this card is amazing almost just as amazing as his smile. To get serious about this review though I completed the sbc as soon as I saw the card so I have played a decent amount of games with him. I played 6 games and he scored 13 goals along with 3 assists. He is an amazing finisher and dribbler on the ball. Exploit the h*ll out of curled shots from the top of the box with him. With his links to the premier league and ...
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Complete midfielder

One of the first things I did in Fifa 19 is buy Firminho and use him as CM/CAM. No regrets at all. He is so good. Doest his defensive work as his workrate is High/High. Has a great skillset and his striker instinct makes him pop op in front of the goal in scoring positions. Aslo his long shots is a deadly weapon.
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Bobby Magic Firmino

IT'S AMAZING! This card is incredibile.With chemistry marksman he's very strong, but incomplete, but with engine he's unstoppable. He's agility increse 90+, he's pass will upgrade near the perfection, and good upgrade also for pace. He's shot was just unbelievable, and increase it isn't necessary, also for phy stats.
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