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Johan Cruyff review UTTER BEAST
By Liamr1998, 18-11-2018

Johan Cruyff was a player I wish I was old enough to watch when he was playing the beautiful game. Watching videos and hearing stories about him was very intriguing to me. It makes me pleased watching players like Ronaldo and Messi. Anyways the baby Cruyff is a beast, he is a cheat code literally. Scoring goals for fun, amazing passing. ridiculous pace, 5* combo, silky dribbling make him unbelievably fun.

Games 10 - Goals 12 - Assists 10

Played in 4312 CAM role.

Cost me: 2mil

Pace(9/10): He is very very fast and that is clearly obvious with 92 pace. Not many players can keep up with him, he rinses player for pace constantly which is a huge benefit to the card.

Dribbling(10/10) His ball control is mint, every first touch glued to his feet so defenders find it hard to intercept the ball from him. Dribbling is super smooth and silky. Easy to beat players with just his pace and insane dribbling. Having the 5* skill moves is a huge plus to this card also. He is incredibly fun to dribble with like Neymar with his height makes it so menacing.

Shooting(10/10) Unbelievable how good he is at shooting from crazy angles and situations. He smashes them in regardless of the average shot power, finesse shots are broken on him too surprise surprise. Scored me an unbelievable volley too making him super fun to try crazy and risky shots. Finishing inside and outside the box is consistent. He makes amazing runs also which make him getting goals so much easier thanks to his H/L work rates.

Passing(11/10) Surprisingly my favourite area of his game his passing is the best I have used by far in this game. Every pass reaches the player, his through balls are insane creating so many chances for my team. I have used Messi and Cruyff passing is superior to put it into perspective how good this guy is at passing.

Defending(N/A) His amazing work rates come at a cost in terms of defending. He never tracks back but it is not a problem as I do not use Cruyff to defend. When he did make a tackle he was okay due to his height. He wins a fair share of headers too.

Physical(6.5/10) Not his strongest stat but its not bad. His stamina of 79 is not great but it is not bad either. He last until the 80th minute for me in games which is decent. His work rates help with him not burning up as much stamina also. He is not the strongest but not the weakest, feels stronger then 66 strength bare in mind.

To conclude he is worth the 2mil price tag one of the most fun players I have every used period. I have only played 10 games with him and cannot wait for many more games with him. He is an end game, top tier icon. I would recommend him 10000000%






5* combo


Work rates




Formation: 4312
Position: CAM
Games: 10
GPG: 1.20
APG: 1.00
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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This fateful night on 10/11/2018, the EASPORTS Gods blessed me with this beauty, and honestly I could not believe my luck.  First things first, he is absolutely incredible; and EA did him justice, regardless of his rating.  I will never need to upgrade to his prime, as this card is already in 6 days the 2nd best card that I have ever used on any fifa.  I have used every major ...
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First i have the question to buy or not to buy Johan Cruyff because of his stamina, The 91 version have 81 and this one 79.At the beginning i tried the 91 version who cost 550k more than this, but then i sold him to get this one and desailly 88 to play at CB, and it feels just the same, just as good as the 91 but for 550k lessFirst of all, his Pace, he's rapid, amazing acceleration mixed with...
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