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86 - IF
Suprisingly Good
By Danyderonde, 22-11-2018

I achieved this card through my player picks, and honestly wasn't very happy with him but at least he is 86 rated and decided to give him a try.

In game I switched to an 433(4) vormation with Gomez on LW, Koke on CAM, Icardi at striker and Silva at RW.


81 pace doesn't look like a lot, and to be honest it isn't. Although pace isn't really a big factor this year, a bit of pace is always welcome. With 81 pace he doesn't run past defender like POTM Lucas does but his dribbling made up for that. Long story short, 81 pace just enough for a winger.


77 Shooting, which again isn't really much, he won't score any amazing long shots or power shots with his 74 shotpower and 75 longshots, but finesse shots, woah, amazing. Honestly 85 curve is just a joke. In game it does feel a lot more and especially perfect timed finesse shots will 9/10 go in, even from outside the box. Shooting is okay but nothing special.


85 passing, since I used him as a RW, short passing with the CM and RB was very important and honestly he never made a bad pass, and can easily go along with my fast style of playing. With Icardi with high heading stats, crossing also played a big role. 87 crossing is perfect when you play with a striker like Icardi, Aduriz or Diego Costa.


90 dribbling, By far his best stat on the card. Amazing dribbling, can flow passed players like he is Messi. The lack of pace he has, is compensatefd with the insanely high dribbling. It's a gift from God! I also used a sniper card on him to boost his shooting and dribbling and it made him even play better and his dribbling isn't from this world anymore.




Jumping, strength and Aggression are very low, so don't expect too much from his physical side. His stamina is 83 and I feel it's just enough to be playable.


In the beginning I didn't expect much but he was a very good player in game, although his stats don't always show it. I would give this card a 7.5 out of 10


-Curve -

-Attacking position



-Ball control

-Shot power




Formation: 433-4
Position: RW
Games: 46
GPG: 0.33
APG: 0.17
Pace (6/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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