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84 - IF
My One & Only!
By RyanTann123, 29-11-2018

So, I have used many of the elite cards on FUT 19. For instance, Antoine Griezmann, 88 IF Romelu Lukaku, Luis Suarez, Rivaldo and many more! As soon as I saw this card come to life back in TOTW 2 I was intrigued. It was a dark evening while I was sat brainstorming different teams when I came across a gorgeous team to put him into. I picked him up for 67k when he was first released, however he is still worth the 160k he is now for certain. He is well and truly the greatest card I have ever feasted my eyes on and he makes me want to play the game for the rest of eternity. I really never want to stop using this card. I use him with the marksman chemistry style to boost his shooting, dribbling and physical.

HIs record for me speaks for itself! He has netted 421 times in 412 games for my Ultimate Team. Not to mention the 184 assists! He really is something special and I'm struggling for superlatives to describe this 'godsend' of a card. He has all the stats required for a perfect CAM/ST and I love him with all my heart. I would do anything for him to get a second TOTW card since we would probably see an 86-rated card. I strongly believe this is the most complete card I have used in my 7 years of the beloved Ultimate Team game mode in the FIFA franchise. I love him with all my heart and will certainly be keeping him for the rest of this year's edition of FIFA. He also has a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve which I will go into more detail about in the pros and cons section of this review. However, before I get into that, I must say that this card is a 10/10 and he will improve almost any squad. I have used in FUT Champions and he carried me to elite 3 and he has also performed in Division 2!

Now, lets move onto his positions and where I believe he thrives. I have used him as a LST in a 4-2-2-2 formation and as a CAM in a 4-2-3-1 narrow. He is truly sublime in both positions since he can do almost anything on this insane game. At striker, his finesse shots and his clinical finishing will really take you by surprise since he will score every single chance you throw his way, especially if you have mastered the new and innovative timed finishing system on FIFA 19. However, I noticed that this card had an absurd passing range so I made the decision to play him as a central CAM in 4-2-3-1 narrow. This decision remains to be the best of my life since he does not disappoint. He gets involved in the game and he will always give you an option due to his high positioning stats. I believe he thrives in this position since he can get on the ball more and utilise his insane dribbling. He clearly isn't fussed which position he is playing, as long as he is on the field, he will score goals for you and keep smiling. This card is very close to my heart and I cannot recommend him enough to you guys reading this!

I fell in love with this card as soon as I got into a game with him and want to kiss him all night long. I would do anything to touch him and spread his cheeks. However, it is usually him spreading cheeks when he plays against defenders and destroys them with his huge whopper! I love this card dearly. If, by any chance, Wissam Ben Yedder is reading this then I would love to meet you one day and give you a kiss and a hug!

Shooting -

It is no secret that Wissam Ben Yedder has a mindblowing shot. From his finishing to his long shots, every shot he takes is inch-perfect. I strongly believe that he has one of the best finesse shots on the game and his high agility stats allow him to get more shooting opportunities since he can skip almost every tackle. His low driven shots, performed by holding L2 and R2, are truly absurd and will find the back of the net 9 times out of 10. Also, his shot power took me by surprise since he is only 5"7, I would not expect his little legs to generate such power and force when striking the ball.

Dribbling -

Ben Yedder has dribbling that many gamers dream about using. He is so responsive on the ball and turns in an instant. He can easily beat any defender without even performing any skill moves since his ball control and dribbling is out of this world. Due to his high agility, he executes each of his 4* skill moves to perfection which can be the difference in a tight game. Also, under the dribbling stats, comes his composure; being 87 rated, I found no problems here whatsoever. HIs sheer brilliance on the ball allows him to get into fantastic shooting positions so he can let rip and release a rocket into the goal.

Passing -

Now lets talk about his passing. This is another strong point of Ben Yedder's and he has no trouble finding his team-mates and setting them up for a goal scoring opportunity, hence the 184 assists for my Ultimate Team. He can play the key passes in the final third without an issue and there are again, no problems here in the slightest.

Heading -

Admittedly, Wissam Ben Yedder is rather short and only stands at 5"7 inches tall. However, this doesn't stop him from scoring header after header. His 91 jumping allows him to beat some of the meta defenders on the game in the air, including the likes of Kostas Manolas and Raphael Varane. This absurd jumping stat allows him to win a surprising amount of aerial duels and come out with the goal; this can help you to win games since people will rarely expect you to cross it to such a short man!

Pace -

I like to call this man the white Usain Bolt due to his fantastic speed. He can burst away from any defender on the game with his 90 acceleration. Furthermore, his 85 sprint speed allows him to maintain this speed over a distance and keep his lead over the defenders. There truly is no other superlatives left to describe this card.

Weak Foot -

After using this lovely man for 412 matches on FUT 19, it appears to me that it doesn't matter to him whether he shoots with his right foot or with his left. I have labelled this his 'weak foot' above, however it really is just as good as his right and there is no clear weak-foot. In fact, if it didn't state he was predominately right-footed, it would be almost impossible to tell which his preferred foot is. The 5 stars really don't lie!

Strength -

At only 60 strength, Ben Yedder clearly isn't blessed with strength. He really does need to hit the gym to bolster his size and mass. However, this is the only con I could find with the card and it isn't even the biggest of issues. To expand on this statement, his often boosts away from defenders, leaving them in his shadow, therefore meaning that hi strength isn't an issue since defenders simply can't keep up. However, he can get bullied off the ball so that is something else to be aware of!

Defending -


Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 412
GPG: 1.02
APG: 0.45
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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