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Mr. everywhere!
By Conradations, 11-02-2019

I`m gonna begin this review saying the obvious for every Renato Sanchez user that I ever met, BUY THIS DREAD GUY!!!!

He is fast, he is strong, he has blond dreads, he is TOTALLY complete.

I use him in a 4321 with 3 CAM as a CDM alongside with Goretzka IF and he delivers all that you need in a CDM. He is everywhere in the field, in both sides, and he can tackle everyone with fantastic ease and when he is outside de box he can shoot very eficient. I have a team that coasts 360k, he worths in the time that I write this review 234k so you can see that he is very important on my team, and can be very importante in yours too.

P.S- and he can be upgraded if Bayern continues on champions league, it`s unbelievable.

PACE - His pace is great for a CDM, so you don`t need to improve it with chem styles (or need, depends on your need of speed in the midfield)

PHYSICAL - His stamina (93), Strenght (82), Jumping (85) and Agression (93) is amazing, it`s very dificult for any attacker to pass trought him and he reaches everyone very fast

PASS - once I put a Powerhouse chem on him, his passing feels like Kroos TOTY, but even without boosting his passing skills he does the job really well

LONG SHOTS - 86 long shots 95 shoot power, dont`t be afraid, just shoot and let the goalkeeper make the miracle

DRIBLING - with 81 agility and 90 balance you can control the midfield with him.

  1. Dreads of course
  2. Pace
  3. Physical
  4. Pass
  5. Long shots
  6. Dribling
  7. 4* weak foot
  8. UCL Live

  1. Maybe his finish, but come on, he is a CDM (or CM)
  2. 3* Skill (I don`t know how to drible haha)
  3. Size
  4. Price, 235k is quite a lot of money, but worths every coin.

Formation: 4231
Position: CDM
Games: 113
GPG: 0.19
APG: 0.12
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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